I used to be a spider monkey

My head’s about to explode from all the technique i’ve seen and learned in the past 24 hours. Dentinho and Josh led an open mat yesterday since they couldn’t make it thursday through the snow and i’m glad they did.

This morning we drove to etown for an open mat and I was also pleasantly surprised by how much they threw my way. One of the things i’m so pumped that I can start working on is when someone goes to stand in my guard, I now have a plan for that 🙂

Yesterday we rolled for about two hours and luiz showed A MILLION sweeps (just kidding…kinda) all of which I only caught pieces of, but he did help me with my triangles a bit. Whenever I try to triangle the blue belts they’ll reach the trapped arm around my leg to by some time and he showed where he switches his hips really hard, locks in his legs the other way and finishes a super tight triangle. I felt kind of disheartened during class yesterday because of work and just not feeling like i could keep up with anyone. I used to be a spider monkey and now I was feeling like a fish out of water, just flailing about hoping someone would be merciful and dump me back in my natural habitat. At least my armbar’s getting better.

me attempting a single leg on luiz

But today, oh sweet sweet saturday went so much better. I rolled with two black belts, a purple, a couple blues, and a handful of whites so every roll was something different. I got dominated and did some dominating myself (not much, actually none at all but it looks good in print 🙂 ) Every roll was fun, we didn’t use the buzzer which I regretted at the time because there were times when I was thinking, “Man we’ve been rolling for four songs now.” Just got to keep pushing through. One thing I’m grateful for is my roll with luiz/dentinho. Yes I looked like a fool, yes i reached the point of pure exhaustion, and yes I felt like at every moment he was judging me and realizing just how terrible i am, but the most important thing that overshadows all of this is the fact that it was the most fun roll i’ve ever had. At one point during the “owning” i couldn’t stop from grinning because he was literally dancing on, around, beside, and beneath me, I couldn’t stop him, but it was still fun. He didn’t try to rip me limb from limb, it was all positions, and me scrambling for dear life. Good times 🙂

Don’t Forget: Hip in when in mount, i never htought i’d forget this but i did today, duh. For high mount bring own knee close to their head, and if the arm gets trapped straight then go for an armbar.

Highlight of the week: today I got my first EVER leglock while rolling. I’m talking legit, he defended and I still finished him straight ankle lock. Hell Yea!!

I’m young and I’m all about the little victories, that and the guy outweighed me by at least 30 lbs. 🙂 It’s a big deal to me because it’s something I want to include in my game, and I can never piece it together during drills for some reason, but today it clicked and I’m glad it did.

What i’m looking forward to this weekend: UFC’s fight for the troops, sleeping in on sunday and hoping that Marissa Caldwell pulls a victory this . Check out this article about her upcoming fight featured on Fightergirl.Com

Recently added Badass Songs on my training playlist:

5 Responses to “I used to be a spider monkey”
  1. I was excited–this week I got to roll with some brown belts and some purple belts. Usually I only roll with blue belts. It was fun! I’ve never rolled with a black belt, but I am looking forward to it!

  2. shakiaharris says:

    it was insane. I’d compare it to a ride at six flags. I’m fortunate to have rolled with three, two i’m training with regularly and one’s style with me at least is a bit slower paced, whereas dentinho is the energizer bunny. It’s interesting to watch them roll with the guys that own you because them vs. a purple belt or even a brown belt is just a further reminder of just how much work you need to put in.

  3. Jenni says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could mention your blog in my article about BG BeatDown that will be in February’s SKYeMag (www.skyemag.com) ? I found it while looking up info and I think your updates are really great & offer an interesting perspective on MMA fighting in general, and especially in BG. Just let me know if you’re not comfortable with me mentioning and/or quoting from your posts on here. Thanks a lot!

  4. jenni thats great. i dont mind at all, if u need a verbal quote ill be at the gym tuesday. thanks for reading

  5. Megan says:

    HIGH higher belts are so much fun. I love blues, but it’s a different ride once you crack that ceiling.

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