Pills, Powders, and Performance Enhancers

So I couldn’t help but overhear a wide array of recommendations, horror stories, and curious comments

about all sorts of powders and supplements geared towards endurance and muscle enhancement.I’m curious, after I was offered a few scoops of the ever popular Jack 3d supplement, I must ask DOES IT WORK, and at what cost?  Now I haven’t taken anything but I’d be lying if Isaid that I didn’t want a little something something to perk me up before practice after my long 8 hour work days, and blah female days.  Even if it is a simple, and legal powdered supplement that didn’t taste like ass in a can I might even consider that (if it exists).  I’d just  like some input on the matter as far as what to possibly consider, what to stay away from and any personal stories you may have in relation to the topic at hand.

I’m gonna give a few sips of something a try and see if it makes me feel a wee bit better when I roll, but i have a feeling that drinking more water and eating right is a healthier and lazier alternative.


Yeah so this whole poweder thing just isn’t for me lol.  I tried a few sips of that jack 3d stuff a teammate of mine was so gracious enough to share with me and it tasted like orange ass…well more like chalky medicine (gross).  Then the frosting on the cake was the fact that i had only a few sips and within minutes  i was running to the bathroom. ^_^ yeah no thanks i’ll stick to my soup, water, and veggies.  If you’re trying to cut weight for a fight then take a few sips because you’ll definitely lose some weight. I will admit that it got me a bit more motivated to get to class but it may have been a placebo effect because the one thing I noticed after my first couple of rolls is that I felt like complete crap.  Chest felt tight, endurance was non-existent.  I felt better every other day when I didn’t experiment with the nonsense.  Moral of this story: get more sleep, drink more water, and eat my veggies.

6 Responses to “Pills, Powders, and Performance Enhancers”
  1. leslie says:

    Sounds less lazy to me to work out the food/water/sleep continuum than to just take a pick-me-up powder. 😛

    That said, I do often have a protein shake before class and often with an extra carb/energy-type supplement similar to the above. I use it to replace dinner, since I can’t have any food on my stomach when training or else I feel nauseated.

    Do those energy supplements work? Yes, at least often in terms of “feeling” something. The nitric oxide and caffeine included are meant give you a little perk. I’ve found that that feeling usually gets me through the first bit of class, but then I’m on my own again. YMMV. I’d recommend taking a few nights to really think about how you’re feeling/when you’re getting tired without the extra and then so the same a few nights with the powder and see if it really makes a difference for you. (Another option is to have some before class to get you ready and then to sip on more during class to keep you going, if you can handle that. I personally can’t.)

  2. @ Leslie – I like the way you said food/water/sleep continuum. It is a very difficult cycle to maintain.
    @Shakia – I have almost always taken a daily multi-vitamin. I have way less gray hair than my siblings and I am generally healthier than my peers. Other than that, I try to get my nutrients from real food or McDonalds. There have been times when I was training four to six hours a day that I did take supplements. They were very helpful in situatations like that. I find myself in the same quandary as you. I want to try to eat healthy and use natural nutrients. However, with the modern life style of go, go, go, I find that my diet is lacking (McDonalds). It’s a difficult balance, and often modern athletes require more nutrients than can be achieved with a modern diet. If you can, talk to a personal trainer or better yet a sports nutrition specialist. The financial investment may actually save you money in the long run. I think most athelets have that wasted supply of supplements in their pantry that just wasn’t right for them (some taste really bad). Good luck!

  3. Shakia – This is a little off topic, but a group of us girl bjj bloggers were discussing Women’s bjj programs and came up with an idea for some market research. I started a page entitled “What Would It Take?” please check it out and let me know if I missed anything? Thanks!

  4. shakiaharris says:

    yeah i’ll stick to mcdonalds over that stuff anyday. maybe if i can find a decent source of protein (i never have time to cook) like a tasty and dairy queen inspired shake then i’ll give it another shot

    • I never have time to eat either. It seems like I just run around all day. By the time I get home and shower, I’m dead on my feet. Good luck with the supplements. Hey, see if you can get individual servings, to see if you like it. I have bought big containers of powders only to find out that it tasted bad. 😦

  5. Jonna says:

    I’m not a big fan of strength/endurance powders as well. They’re just too artificial for me 😦

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