Rollin in the dough

Working full time and I still don’t have a penny to show for it (life of a college student).  i”m pleased to be expecting my tax money back anyday now and like any other self respecting american I’ve already found 1 million different ways to spend it.  Apart from paying for jiujitsu class I’ve decided to get a new gi.  There’s one in particular that I have my eye on but I”m somewhat nervous that the fit will be off.  Most the guys don’t seem to understand that boobs and hips and ass have to be considered in getting a gi so I’m calling out to any and everyone to give me their recommendations on a decent gi.  I’m leaning towards a vulkan or koral to treat myself (sad I’d rather have a gi than actual clothes I can wear out) but I’m weary that the fit may not be just for me.  I’m 5’3 and walk at 143lbs.  I know I know, I don’t look like it but BELIEVE ME i am.  I ran track in school so I have very strong, and thick legs, and an ass to match so needless to say I’m quite bottom heavy.  Hopefully I can get enough feedback to narrow down the choices within the next week.  Please oh please tell me the good the bad and the ugly.  I’ve been searching far and wide, reading reviews from Georgette and  One thing I know is for sure, I do not want to wear anything pink, flowery, or frumpy that’s for sure 🙂 .

3 Responses to “Rollin in the dough”
  1. leslie says:

    You might also consider a Women’s Atama. They make them in regular colors with regular patches (as well as with pink and flowery;)). But you can order the pants in a different size than the jacket if needed; if that makes them too long, have them hemmed. And I’ve found that their women’s cut really does understand curves.

    The Fenom gis can now also be ordered as separates.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    i initially wanted a fenom gi, and had been researching them for months but upon mentioning my newfound discovery one of the girls at my gym overnighted it so now I’m on the hunt for something else, I know it sounds selfish and childish but I want something different..i’ll give the atama some thought. What kind do you have?

  3. leslie says:

    Ah, yes, understood.

    I have both the older pink model (it’s the best-fitting gi I own and is my competition gi) and the new Leticia Ribeiro (LR) model. Despite my non-pink-liking status, I ended up with both pink-embroidered models…

    I just saw your comment on Meg’s review of the LR. The latest line of their women’s gis, the Mundial 9, is exactly the same as the LR model and come in black, white, and blue with normal black & red Atama patches. No pink or girlie. I’m still itching to buy or all of these, too. 😛

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