It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little BJJ

So it’s valentine’s day weekend..the time for love, and cheesy movies, and tons of chocolate goodies…but when you both train bjj what’s the nuuummmbbbeeerrrr one thing on your v-day todo list?? Well that’s simple, train.  We spent the entire weekend consumed with Strikeforce Fights (Fedor 😦 ) , online bjj instructionals, combing through past videos of seminars that were held at our gym, oh and last but certainly not least a little dinner here and there but it just got me thinking to how wonderful it is to be with someone who shares that passion. Now enough with the sappy stuff here’s to the goooood stuff.


I have combed through dozens of sites, blogs, forums,and online markets and have decided upon my new gi 🙂 !!! I’ve decided to go with the vulkan and will keep you posted with pictures and hopefully a few smiley faces once it gets here but i’ve also decided that when I get a bit more dough I’d like to get another white gi and it’s looking like Padilla & Sons may get my money in that department (or Fenom, it’s one of the other).  They have great reviews, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and I believe will be perfect when the gym turns back into a burning inferno once all this snow melts.


Fedor after his loss to Silva

Man oh man, what a card.  I’m usually not too entertained by heavyweight fights.  When I started to dabble in the UFC I was astonished by the athletic ability of the smaller fighters like BJ Penn, and the heavyweights always seemed mundnae (with the exception of a few) and relied a lot on standup which bored me.  Well, I’m starting to notice a whole other class of heavyweights and they’re (for the most part) athletic, have some crazy ground game, and wrestling skills to match.  It’s not just two big boys swinging for the fences, gassing out within the first round.  Great card strikeforce!!  I will say I did not expect many of them to end in the first round, that’s for sure.  I also have an enormous amount of respect for both Fedor and Silva.  Silva was extremely respectful and that’s always a plus but Fedor, man oh man he would not give up.  It seemed like whenever the fight was over..whether it be him being mount, heel hooked, knee-barred, the list goes on he never gave up.  If not for his eye being swollen shut I’d have loved to see what else he would get out of.  The most touching part was the interview where he considered retiring…broke my heart 😦  . He seems like an extremely humble man, and an extremely emotional moment for such a tumultuous fighter.

Dana White's twitter feed last night

One thing I did not count on was a slew of Dana White hates on Fedor, his management, and strikforce.  But hey it’s dana white, all of that should have been expected.  One of his most ‘vocal’ tweets:

“All the Fedor nut huggers were so excited for (tonight’s) set up fight. Didn’t work out and they are BUMMED!!!”

Smooth Dana.

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  1. Yes! Finally something about todo list online.

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