Bruised & Confused


This week’s been tiring on thee body but the mind’s another story.  Trudged into bjj (gi) class grudgingly last night.  Part of me was too sore to see the benefit of going but the other part of me knows that it’s one of the few things I have to look forward too throughout the week.  I grew instantly more excited when I discovered that it wasn’t a formal class and proceeded to examine just how i’d approach the open mat class.  Between yoga and working spider guard on tuesday my shoulders and legs have been downright awful.  It feels like I have cement blocks attached to my body, and i’m not referring to my derriere.


inverted heel hook= hasta lavista

Rolled with Sam and worked on positions, fluidity, and pressure. Rolled with the gentle giant, and we rolled well (i think at least).  He’s pushing the pace more with me which makes me believe he’s noticing some improvements, so that’s a plus.  He even showed a few more leglocks including an inverted heel hook OUCH. Just the thought of the inverted makes me a bit nauseous.

One complaint: With open mats I always have a harder time getting rolling partners, or rather getting the ones i ‘want ‘ to roll with “in the mood” because typically many of the guys take the first opportunity to circle up and gossip away, ughh technique anyone???

One of the highlights to my night was a roll with SUper Saiyan (appropriately named for his extremely large hair, and dragonball z like appearance).  It’s funny to me now because for a period of time we couldn’t stand the sight of each other, but jiujitsu helps in some cases.  We rolled for god knows how long and it didn’t feel like i was being just super smashed, it was quite fun.  Lots of sweeps, escapes, scrambling, good shit altogether.  At one point we were rolling and my bf actually chucked the deuce, which is a first because he’s usually the one that’s lingering after hours at the gym.  We ended being the last two to leave the gym but it was super fun.  I did notice this morning that i have quite the bruise on the underside of my bicep and i’m not sure how it got there.  He showed me a few de la rivasweeps which I still remember so that’s a plus, and on top of that I’m getting a litttle more confident in my rolling.

I’m currently looking at some de la riva, spider, and x guard things online and hopefully i can find a few nearby tournament soon..i’m getting the itch to compete again 🙂

Tomorrow’s my only day off so I’m getting my hair done (it needs to be resurrected, plus I deserve a cute day) and going to support a bunch of our guys including my bf that are fighting that night.  Hopefully they all do well, i never wish them luck because it’s not about luck its about the effort.

It’ll be nice to be a pretty face instead of a smelly, shrimping, mess for once 😉

p.s. I bought my gi and it’ll be here anyday now!!!!


3 Responses to “Bruised & Confused”
  1. Ashley says:

    “I deserve a cute day” Loved this comment.
    I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Jiu Jitsu changes you. what a wonderful post

  3. shakiaharris says:

    i’m glad i had the cute day because i was starting to feel more like a steven instead of shakia lol
    thanks liam i appreciate you visiting my blog

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