Chains N Things

First and foremost I have some fun little news, it would appear that I will be attending Bonnaroo this June and some of my favorite bands Florence + The Machine as well as the Black Keys  will be performing, so i’m super pumped. But anywho, onto my jiu jitsu news…

The past week has consisted of a few newfound sweeps, ammy mma bouts, and future ibjjf plans.


Worked on a few De la riva sweeps with Super Saiyan last thursday and it was pretty cool because it was something that I had the setup for so many times. But like all white belts I just wish i had known..but that’s how every practice is.  You’re shown something and then you recount the millions of times where “if only you’d known.”  But those moments are what make it that much more fun.

I ended up staying 30-45 minutes after class to roll with Super Saiyan some more.  He scrambles probably more than anyone that trains at our gym and it’s fun to encounter.


Last saturday a few of our guys fought at the Hardrock amateur mma bouts and man oh man that was an interesting night to say the least. The first 5 fights were god awful.  None of the guys appeared to have much training on the ground and if I ad a dollar for every haymaker that was thrown i could’ve filled up my gas tank twice.  I’m not a pro, but I know a good fight when I see one and they were few and far between.  It kind of had me thinking of the whole M.M.A….mixed. martial. arts.  It takes more than swinging for the fences in your cousin’s basement to win a fight.  Of the seven of our guys (and girl) that were scheduled to fight only four did including Beauty Queen (Ashcon Karbasi), who won his title defense, The Marine who had the most interesting fight, and my girlfriend, he won by RNC in the first round.

After the fights the facebook and forum drama erupted and spread like wildfire.  To say that one guy was a sore lose would be a huge understatement but I’m not going to waste my blog space talking about it.


Oh to my fellow female bjj bloggers I have stumbled across something so wonderful I just have to share it with you all….

Last friday I ventured to Nashville for my cute day.  I told the beautician to be ready for my hair. I had feared that it had reached the point of no return but at the recommendation of an extremely close family friend I have been in love with a hair product that saved my locks.

I present to to….

Wen by Chaz Dean Studios!!!

Now excuse my french but this shit is WONDERFUL!!  I know, I know I sound like an informercial but I lost clumps of my hair due to brazilian jiu jitsu, and I mean CLUMPS. There were times where I literally cried after washing my hair because I had no answer to my problem.  For the first time in months I feel pretty again.  My hair is the silkiest, shiniest, softest, and just pure wonderful.  I used the tea tree oil set and i could feel my hair tingling and it’s funny because as an african-american woman i have to have oils in my hair or else it looks dry and falls out well..i didn’t have to add a single extra product.  We blow dried my hair, flat ironed, and cut it and it looks 100x healthier and shinier than any product i’ve ever used.  Big thanks to Megan for her post about sulfate free shampoos, i now have a answer to my problem and even though the conditioner is about 30$ a pop, it’s soooooooooooo worth it.  In the case that i’m in a financial bind, the V05 1$ conditioner at your local walgreens is a wonderful alternative as well.


After careful consideration i’ve decided that I’m going to compete this august in either the Chicago or Boston International Open

Joe baize, second to the left

(Ibjjf) or the Chicago summer International Open, so wish me luck.  It’s time to crack down on the training.  I’ve got the itch to compete so i’m hoping ot do another local tournament within the next few months and I’m definitely going to venture to neighboring cities to get some more rolls in throughout the week.  One of my teammates won the adcc qualifier in New Jersey a few months ago and has ignited my fire to train harder.  He’s shown everyone that as long as you train hard, and simply go for it, there’s no telling how far you can go and what great things you can achieve.  Big shoutout to the leglock master Joe Baize.

In the case ou’re wondering where this post title came from, I’m currently indulging in one of my favorite Pandora stations: Chains & Things by B.B. King.  It’s an awesome song and i’ll also share a link with you guys.  If you have any taste in music you’ll feel it.

2 Responses to “Chains N Things”
  1. -When I first started BJJ, my hair was down to my waist. One week later it was above my shoulders. I’ve let it grow back out since, but I do have this frizzy patch on the back. There is always hair left on the mat. Then there is the shower shedding. Everytime I wash my hair, I seem to lose hair by the handfuls. Thanks for te BB King. I love it.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    no problem!! i’ve started taking prenatal vitamins because apparently they help with hair and nail growth but my mother swears they make me moody lol

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