A new gi, cauliflower ear, muscle men, and staph infections..OH MY!!

Super dooper tired from 3 straight days of bjj (hallelujah).

Sunday I was the lone ranger from my gym and with gas at 3.38 😦 made the hour drive to the Etown gym to train.  We trained mostly back escapes and a takedown that involved standing, gable grip while taking their back and then taking your foot and placing it behind their knee while pulling in your grip and falling down onto your side. My description is a bit sucky but it looks good if you can get in the position. I however failed, epically (is that even a word???) and in turn successfully landed on my right ear enough times to where it is STILL STORE and it is now officially wednesday. Great. Cauliflower ear here i come.  I need to get some head gear and fast. I have wee little ears and something tells me that little cauliflower ears on my big head would not be a good look.

Overall had a great time sunday and I ate like a champ afterwards at O’Charleys.

Prime Rib Pasta= Good enough to make you wanna smack yo mama

Monday- Judo night. i never attend judo because a.) i don’t like it b.) it aggravates my carpal tunnel (in both hands).  BUT josh (black belt) sent out a mass text stating that not only would he be popping up, but he was bringing a new girl as well (not completely new, but she’d trained at least a year in nashville).  Which translated to TWO straight days under joshy poo (he’d kill me if he saw this) so my week was officially made.  Mike the cop (judo brown belt) showed several hip throws including a few variations where you could alternate grips that were more comfortable for you.

The most notable part of monday was when I went for a single leg on Mike and when I couldn’t finish he gave me the wonderful idea to bring in my right leg behind his right leg and finish with an inside trip (p.s. i was working for his right leg).  At first I couldn’t figure out how to execute it but i had to stop thinking, just listen and i love it.  I’m pumped because i find myself in this position a lot and now I have a plan b. Oh and the new girl is fun and seems nice, she showed up at class tonight and i hope to see her in the gym next week. Had an interesting discussion about how to roll with certain people.  Yes, we’re all training partners BUT some people I roll more aggressive with than others. Prime example,  shannon, the blue belt. When we roll “aggressively” it’s not necessarily muscly, but fast and primed with submission attempts,sweeps,and escapes for days. New guys, I almost feel like there’s no such thing as rolling slow with them. You try and you get pinned and then that’s that. I’ve worked on pushing the pace and staying on top and then if a submission presents itself then great.  There’s one particular guy that I happened to hit something like a double leg on him and then took side control and from that i don’t remember but a lot of the guys commented on how fast I went from calm->aggressive and i’m not exactly sure how to respond to that. I just shrug my shoulders and try to keep it moving. I’m not trying to kill the guy I’m just trying to be aggressive because batting my eyelashes doesn’t get me anywhere.

–I almost forgot to mention that my new gi arrived and it fits like charm…well almost. I opted for the A0 Vulkan (i’m 5’3ish 145lbs)  and I’m glad with my choice.  I decided to treat myself to a new gi and I think I deserve it after all the long hours at work, sore muslces, popped elbows, and putting myself at risk for obtaining staph/ring worm night after night.  I did also make the conscious decision to get a unique color and it’s because it’s cute, and mine, and I’m the one that has to wear it day in and day out so I see it as “go hard or go home”.  Anywho i’ll put up pictures later, for now this is what you get. The top fits pretty snug and the pants are a good length but to be a A0 the pants are extremely wide.  Sadly I no longer have ass for days 😦  (verry sad) so there’s a lot of room and even though it has the drawstring once i start rolling the fabric gets a bit looser..but thats a minor complaint.

Tuesday--BJJ, to my dismay josh didn’t make it out but the Gentle Giant led class and I had a great time.  I don’t feel like I rolled as well as I did the past few days but i tried.  We worked mostly on guard passing, including a variation where you start in combat, reach both arms under the legs and either gable grip or grip the belt, then pull their hips onto your lap. From there you can pass a variety of ways.

Super saiyan took it upon himself to teach me a flying armbar, triangle, and how to transition to a knee bar when someone goes to stand in your guard (epic fail).  Pretty fun class, wish i had more energy.  Next week will be better.  I will not be training thursday as I will be in Louisville, KY. for my first ever UFC.  My bf got ahold of a few tickets so that’ll be a nice way to end a fairly productive week.

I tried to work on my sweeps and i’m having more luck with the de la riva one than the spider guard ones I want. Poop. I’ll keep trying. Well i’m going to hit the hay.  My body hasn’t been this sore since i first started bjj.

side note: I currently have 17 windows/tabs open on my computer right now.  I’m not sure if there’s enough time in the day to watch half the videos I’ve opened but i’ll share some of them with you anyways.

Video 1: NEVER cross your feet.

p.s. this girl is kickass. Just when you think a match is going to go one way…bjj happens.

video 2: sweeeeeet flexibility

video 3: nice sweep…love the chest smack at the end. BAMF lol

3 Responses to “A new gi, cauliflower ear, muscle men, and staph infections..OH MY!!”
  1. Ashley says:

    I rather enjoyed those vids. Thanks for posting!

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