Push through the pain

"I lost my mojo baby"

I’ve experienced plateaus here and there but nothing like the past few weeks. I took a full week off of everything and I though that would make me uber hungry for some bjj but it didn’t…quite the contrary…it only made me miss certain aspects of my life beforehand.  This week was especially difficult. It felt more like a chore than a hobby that I was once so infactuated with. What happened?!?!?

I drug myself to class yesterday, not because I wanted to but because I needed to and I’m glad in many ways that I did. I still have plans to compete in Boston or chicago this august and on top of that my daily diet og Big Red and Fudge Shop cookies is starting to show so I need to suck it up and push through the pain (mental & emotional).

IT was a very small class, and 76 degress outside so we rolled nogi. I think I’ve decided to do a tournament August 23, in Medina, Ohio. It’s anout 7 hours from here but some of the guys are competing so hopefully I can carpool with them.  I’m about 75 % dedicated to the idea so far.  With that being said I’m going to put as much money aside to train in different cities as possible.  My friends don’t get it but training at different places keeps a level head on my shoulders, reminds me that I am progressing despite how I feel contrary to the fact.

I gotta get out of this funk and back into the game.  I wish I had the enthusiasm of Georgette or Slideyfoot or Jiu Jiu (julia). I gotta get my Mojo back somehow.

Oh and I almost forgot. A few sundays ago I attended a Luiz Palharres Seminar.  Here’s a brief tidbit and what I had initially wrote weeks ago:

“It lasted quite a bit and he showed dozens of techniques.  Like the goofball that I am i forgot my notebook so now i could probably give tidbits of pieces of things that he showed. Great. He showed some stuff from north south position, side control, oh and something I really liked from north south to take the back.  I felt like straight ass sunday. I couldn’t catch parts of what he was describing and felt just plain overwhelmed.  Everything felt like it was goooooooooing so far over my head. The night before my prof. mentioned i’d be getting a few stripes on account that i’ve been training pretty consistently the past 10-11 months and then i didn’t. To be honest I’m kind of relieved.  I just felt like blah, and that I didn’t belong there.  Nothing clicked, as fast as everyone else.  I’d try once, Palhares would notice I was failing and then i’d restart.  Wish I could’ve watched from afar in a dark corner, where no one saw me.

Overall a very informative seminar I just wish i retained some of it. “

One Response to “Push through the pain”
  1. Georgette says:

    Hahaha… I go through these slumps of motivation too! I promise. Like right now… having taken 4 days off for the Pan, plus the travel day afterwards… then I get home and see the sorry state of the garden, and the piles of clean laundry needing folding on the couch, and the enormous amount of work I have at my office. Makes jiu jitsu recede into the distance a bit!

    But like you said, we push through. Focus on small things and your mojo will peep back at you soon.


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