Red head stepchild

The numbers are dwindling at the gym lately.  The ones I used to be ever so pumped to trained with are making rare appearances at the gym these days.  I suppose the weather has something to do with it, why train when you have the opportunity to be with your friends and family…right?? Well the one upside to less people is less rejection.  There are so few partners that you have to pretty much make the most of your training options. Not time to be picky, so with that being said I didn’t feel like the ‘red head stepchild’ that nobody wanted to play with last night.

Even though numbers at class are pretty low training was great last night. I’ve enlisted the help of a few close friends including josh to get me motivated and in shape.  Little did I know how incredibly complex it would be to figure out the proper way to train & conditioning.  In between the tabatas and tapering I have no clue what anyone is saying, I’m just going to show up and do what is required (well, hopefully). As far as I know I’m competing in the Ohio Grappling Challenge, April 23rd tournament, and an IBJJF tourny in Boston in August. With that being said it’s time to put on my big girl gi and grappling shorts to get business done.

Flower sweep from guard--control one arm, scoop under the led with your opposite arm, open guard, hip out while simultaneously bringing your opponent out and then over..finish in mount.

Last night Debandi & Super Saiyan led class (he cut his hair so I may have to give him another nickname) and they showed some ways to refine a double leg (for the new guys at class), the flower sweep from guard, and following a failed flower sweep with an armbar.

I’d explain the sweep..but i suck so here’s hilary william’s version of the sweep.

I went back to back in takedowns which is an accomplishment for me.  Especially since sometimes I opt out of them altogether. Drilling was a treat. I NEED to learn this sweep, my sweeps from guard are dismal at the moment. I just gotta work on the timing and most importantly my hip movement but this one is definitely on my  To Learn list.

Another fun thing that I’ve been working on are my leg locks, specifically on the new guys.  Who better right?? Well, maybe. But shannon commented that they’re primary partners to work on the timing of my sweeps and I’ve also noticed that the taller ones with the eye catching limbs have been great leglock and armbar practice.

Chances are my hours at work are about to plummet due to them hiring four additional people to our department so within the next few weeks I’m going to have a lot of time to put towards training.  I just have to stay persistent with my bjj and my yoga as well.  Here’s a nice, relaxing series. is a great site for people that have training in gyms like myself or beginner’s that prefer the privacy of their homes.  Either way it’s a great way to add some flavor to your bjj game. //


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