The only exception

It’s a beautiful day today and I’m happy to say..well that I’m happy-er than I was yesterday, or the day before, or the day before.  My flame for jiujitsu is reignited and I can only hope for the best now. I’ll start with how my flame got its flicker back. Usually when the going gets tough I get going..but jiu jitsu is the only exception.

It all started in Owensboro at Nice Guys. I ventured there with one of the guys from our school and although I hadn’t trained in a while, and hadn’t been used to training no gi in  some time I had an awesome time. Yes, awesome time.  The guys are a riot, the class was mostly open mat and I had a blast rolling with everyone.  I’m very thankful that these leglock masters took it easy on my ankles, heels, and knees.  I’m used to keeping a foot on the hip most times while I roll and they really force you to reevaluate your game.  Mostly because there’s always that lurking possibility that leaving your foot on the hip means a tap is eminent and although a tap is not the end of the world it is a definite reset button.  So then you find yourself in the position of…”well if i don’t put my foot in the hip what if I put it in the

fun x guard sweep, grip the knee and push with the hooks and they go right over

bicep or hook behind the knee…Ooh x-guard..” That’s why I love training with them.  To my surprise that friday (which was a few weeks ago) we rolled for about an hour and a half and it just so  happened to be the day when they were having a gi seminar as well (hell yea). So i got to have my cake and eat it too that night. We got there at about 6pm local time and didn’t get home at about 11 p.m. Huge thanks to those guys and my coaches in helping to reignite my bjj flame.

Now with all that being said I can fully say that my focus has increased and I’m now trying more intently to develop a game for myself.  I went out to eat with my coach last night after class and one thing he said that really stuck was that I’m past the point of doing random things while sparring. He recommended that I develop a game, and tailor it to what works best for me. So that is what I plan to do. Find out what works, trial and error, but also figure out how to be versatile enough for the techniques to be effective against various opponents. Now matter strength, size, height, reach, or flexibility I’d like to develop a game that’s technical yet effective.

I’ll be posting much more often. I apologize for my hiatus, but I have a much clearer mind now, oh and two jobs so my butt’s going to be tired these next few weeks.  There are two tournaments next saturday, May 7 and I’d like to attend either I just have to find the funds for it. Wish me luck. Hope all is well in the online grappling/bjj community,

Oh and here’s a goodie I found online:

2 Responses to “The only exception”
  1. Megan says:

    Oh gosh…that leg issue. Leg locks aren’t permitted below blue at my gym and I always see myself , randomly throwing out legs and it drives me nuts that I’m probably developing bad habits. I’ll go back and break them later I guess.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    yea i’m trying to be more aware of it but i have found that rolling with people that go for them a lot has helped me to react faster and has encouraged me to put them in positions that i never thought i’d be halfway decent at so it’s helped somewhat i won’t lie though i prefer to be leglocked than gotten by a kimura, some the big guys have a tendency to crank and it drives me nuts…ooooh just got a new blog post idea

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