I’m pleased to announce that our gym has relocated to a new location!! Which means clean, a/c, new aura, guys & GIRLS bathrooms (thank you jesus) as well as a few other amenities like showers and what not.  Even during the move i could tell that the change is one for the best and everyone’s excited for a change of scenery.

So we’ve changed places from the 31w bypass school and we’re now at the House of Fitness on state st. in bowling green, ky. It’s a stone’s throw away from the old school.

With a new building came a new class schedule. We now have a monday and saturday morning class (WOO!!) and to make matters best Joe Baize, ADCC champ, brown belt, leglock master will be teaching our monday class.

So enough with the catch up onto todays class.

Joe Started class with warmups a few drills one of which i really like (arm drags I need you) and then he showed a series from half guard.

I had a feeling that most of it was going to go over my head as I’m still writing everything down and going through my “uggh i can only remember the first part of that___” phase. But luckily I haven’t had a complete brain fart yet and i like how he showed the techniques piece by piece. First securing position, then executing a sweep, then transitioning into a submission or guard pass.

Here’s a series that’s very similar to the techniques that he showed today, a bit difficult for me at first but something i should go for. 

 Note to self: never forget grappling shorts for nogi ever again. Between the mat burn, chaffing, and just flat out discomfort that was a terrible idea.

I’m glad joe came to class but i cut out pretty early due to the fact that i train with my boyfriend. 89% of the time it’s a blessing but the other 11% (and that’s not a definitive number lol) i want to flat out double leg and slam him (will never happen he’s the double leg master but i can dream). Tonight we broke our vow to not partner/drill together and now I remember why we made that vow in the first place. Every little bump turns into something and finally after he had an outburst while rolling I decided that it’d be better if i simply went home. I was furious. And ofcourse leaving only pissed me off more because i wanted to stay and train but my emotional state was a mess. Uggh sometimes i hate that we train at the same place. It’s a blessing and a curse i tell ya.

Tomorrows open mat night so hopefully everything goes well. i’ll keep everyone posted. I hope that word of the new schedule catches on and we have lots of new faces. I’m spreading the word around town and campus.

Here are some guard pass drills i came across a few days ago:


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