Ol Grumpy Bear

Despite the sad title i’m actually smiling while I write this blog 🙂 .  So as of lately i’ve been working two jobs (about 56 hours a week), literally every single day which means my training has been nonexistent either because I can’t physically get out of bed or i’m not all the way there mentally. So today the heavens parted and one of my bosses let me go home a few hours early to get some rest HALLELUJAH.

His compassion couldn’t have come at a better time because tonight is also gi night and i haven’t attended gi class in two weeks so i’m getting pumped up in advance and hopefully i won’t feel too bad.

I’m hoping that once my schedule gets back to normal i’ll be pleasant again. My boyfriend has since named me Grumpy Bear, and yes that’s grumpy bear after the CareBear character. Yes, i’ve been that unfortunate lately so i’m hoping that if I eat a little better, possibly incorporate some yoga before my shifts, and please oh please get to train more then i’ll lighten up and be more like Awesome Bear (if there is such a character).

I can fill you in on monday’s class (which i felt like doo doo) that joe taught.  He showed a toe hold from standing open guard.  It involved somewhat locking the arms around the foot and doing a shoulder roll over the attacked leg, once you’re over either triangle your leg, or bring the leg….somewhere else (lol drawing a blank) to keep them from coming up and then to finish the toe hold crank in the direction towards their butt. 

Oh boo…i rolled and rolled and rolled some more but no matter which way i rolled over my shoulder i could never land the way joe did, who knows maybe in a few weeks time i can get all my limbs to cooperate with me.

Rolling was also tough…i may have to settle with having only a couple bouts and then heading out.  Lately i work 9-6pm and class starts at 6:30 and this is the second time where i had to keep sitting out because I kept feeling like i was going to vomit. Poop.

Today I’m fascinated by two things:

1st. Apparently the Navy has plans to allow same-sex marriages on ships. Ooooooh.

Check out the article–>>here<<–

2nd. I’m still on this kneebar kick but i couldn’t find anything good on youtube so if u happen to come across anything good post it on here i’d love to  see.


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