Thou shall not go yellow.

As it would seem last night my coach/instructor Josh pointed out that I had already broken one if not more of the blackbelt commandments.  Great.  I’ve barely even got a little blood on my mangled white belt and i’ve already broken a bunch of rules…yea…that sounds like me alright. In case you haven’t seen these over at here they are again…

1 » Thou shalt not stall.

2 » Thou shalt not go yellow.

3 » Thou shalt not skip practice for silly reasons.

4 » Thou shalt not drink alcohol excessively.

5 » Thou shalt not slam excessively.

6 » Thou shalt not use smelly gis or forget about cleanliness.

7 » Thou shalt not complain about refereeing – focus on finishing.

8 » Thou shalt not be a “creonte” – respect your master and gym.

9 » Thou shalt not heed orders that go against your values.

10 » Thou shalt not be rude during training.

11 » Thou shalt not make a trophy of your mangled ears

12 » Thou shalt not succumb to cupcakes, candy bars and the likes.<<<–i”m a frequent offender

13 » Thou shalt not show off – be discreet, after all, the more exposed, the greater the target.

14 » Thou shalt not talk too much in the gym nor cause discord between training partners.

15 » Thou shalt not be treacherous.

16 » Thou shalt not take Steven Segal films seriously.

17 » Thou shalt not count advantages.

18 » Thou shalt not delay in releasing the hold when opponents tap.

19 » Thou shalt not take the stress of life out on training partners.

20 » Thou shalt not steal training partners’ flip-flops.

So there it is in all its glory.  But i think my yellow vulkan is worth it plus rules are meant to be broken…or is it bent?? Hmmm well that’s not really important right now. Gi class last night was hard. It was hard for me to get past the physical obstacles without whining or wanting to go home.  I’m still not all there mentally but i’m trying.  We worked tons of positional drills the entire class.  All were designed to help both partners but they were entirely necessary.  I think it helped the new guys see what little adjustments they could make to their game to help them escape or keep from getting swept. I didn’t roll too much. So nothing exciting to share from that front, mostly working on my guard passes I think they’re getting better, but the knee through pass is tearing up my news lately so i made need to find something else. Any recommendations??

Ohh i also found another checklist that went all the way up to 100. Here are a few excerpts and then here’s the link as well, thanks


1- Like Jiu-Jitsu.

2- Love Jiu-Jitsu.

12- Realize that deep, deep down points and the clock do not exist, while nothing is more real than those three little taps.

39- Don’t let your Jiu-Jitsu go to your head – keep yourself well grounded.

44- Find out when the best time of the day for you to train is, figuring out whether your body responds better to training hard at night, in the afternoon or early in the morning.

54- Forget steroids.

66- Develop your mental flexibility. At any tournament anywhere in the world, it is not unusual for you to end up competing later, earlier, have arena changes before the battle… “In these cases, relax and accept it. Not being uptight allows you to get the most out of any experience and to evolve,” advises coach and trainer Martin Rooney.

69- Tap, tap, tap and tap, over and over again. And, who knows? Maybe even pass out from some choke. That’s part of the game, and it’s all a learning experience until you’ve been decorated with the highest honors.


95- Realize as quickly as you can that the gym is not a place to compete, but a place to practice positions. “Only by hitting and working on your weaknesses will you become a well-rounded fighter. This business of ‘winning a roll’ is silly and limits a student in learning,” Saulo Ribeiro reminds us.


2 Responses to “Thou shall not go yellow.”
  1. Georgette says:

    Work on passes from the feet, so that when passing from the knees doesn’t work you have an alternative… I am struggling with the knee-through pass myself. Gah!

    And screw the rules on colors of gis 🙂

  2. shakiaharris says:

    im sao flexible that sometimes i’ll get my knee through somewhat and they’ll shift their hips or work to prevent the pass and sometimes my knee/leg end up in some godforsaken position and start to ache pretty bad.
    i actually really like the standing passes. Not many people are used to them from other schools. I’d love to master the cartwheel pass but whenever i try it’s like i’m moving in slooooooooow motion haha.

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