If it’s war they want…

from left to right: Brandon Debandi, Ashcon Karbasi, Danny Kelly

then it’s war they’ll get.

Saturday night we had 7 guys from the Team 1 affiliation (2 guys from Elizabethtown,Ky., 2 guys from Owensboro, Ky., and 4 guys, 1 gal in bowling green, ky.) fight at the Hardrock MMA 33: Night of Champions event and it was a war. Every single person won their fight. It was probably the best card i’ve seen at the hardrock shows.  I think it may have to do with competitors are now state required to be apart of an association to compete which in turn means no more sloppy backyard brawls (yay).

All of our fights were fairly interesting and two of them were title fights, Debandi (my boo) fought 5 hard rounds and is now Hardrock MMA’s 155lb champ, Dannywho also trains is now the Hardrock MMA 205lb champ. Big congrats to both.

I was moreso nervous for debandi this time around simply because we knew he was a more technical fighter than some of his last opponents and I almost pee’d on myself waiting for shannon’s fight. But she kicked ass. Everyone keeps asking me when I’ll fight and right now i’m living vicariously through her but i’d like to fight this year for sure.

Here’s shannon’s fight. It was her amateur debut. Go shannon!!

I must admit i’m actually really anxious to fight. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Debandi's infamous double leg

The atmosphere overall seemed more professional and for the most part the crowd was a lot more respectful than usual. But c’mon how respectful can you get when there’s blood and knockouts involved.  There were only one or two fights out of the 19 that I didn’t care for. Overall a great show. A wonderful night for Team 1/ Bowling Green Beatdown/ Etown Beatdon, & Nice Guys Submission Fighting.

I’m even more anxious to get back training although I’m in desperate need of rest.  Most importantly i’m really looking forward to boxing class.  I’m hoping Saturday night will help to attract a few more students. We have got to get more people in the gym.

Oh and to curtail on my recent obsession with leglock videos here’s a related one. The featured pic on the top of the page is a guy who is a damn monster. literally lol. It’s Jason Hayden, he trains in Owensboro at Nice Guys and he had his pro debut Sat. night as well. He won by a nassssty heel hook. But he took a pretty hard knee to the head so that’s where all the blood is from.

Here’s jason’s fight. It’s short and sweet.

He’s a blue belt under josh johnson and has won plenty of tournaments as well as quite a few impressive ammy mma bouts.

debandi won his fight 50-45, unanimous decision. 5 round title fight.

2 Responses to “If it’s war they want…”
  1. Megan says:

    That first pic is phenomenal.

  2. Shakia, thanks for sharing! That was great. I agree with Megan, that first pic is very good. Did you take it?
    – I’m really glad that you posted Shannon’s fight. What a way to represent! I had to watch it three times! LOL, the little devil on my left shoulder was whispering, “Did a spectator get lost on the way to the bathroom and end up in the ring with Shannon?” The little angel on my right shoulder said, “Now, you know that girl trained hard for that fight… BUT DID YOU SEE SHANNON KICK HER #*%%”
    – Jason did a really good job with his standup. Nice solid Thai kicks there. What impressed me the most was how fast and smooth he transistioned to BJJ and submitted that guy.
    – Congrats to your honey. I know you’re proud and with good reason. BTW, that pic of you and him should be on your home page! You are a beautiful couple! It’s easy to see that the two of you are happy and healthy.
    – Please do more posts like this!

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