Why so glum sugraplum??

No no gi for me tonight, i have to close at the new job.  Had a couple sleepless nights and tylenol pm is not solving any of it. I’m starting to think that it has to do with me stressing hardcore over finding a more permanent job. I stress. I stress over things I should and things I shouldn’t.

I stress over bjj and not excelling as fast as I’d like, over finding a better paying job and finally getting back into school, over my relationship, or my fading friendships. Like I said I’m regular old grumpy bear.

But enough about me more about the school, and bjj.  The boxing classes have gone great. First time I’ve ever enjoyed striking and everyone seems to feel the same way. We just need MORE STUDENTS. The vets are rarely there and i’m trying to figure out just what I can do to help out. any suggestions? There’s only so much i can do outside of my 40hr work weeks and insistence on being a hermit.

Any who, last week’s classes were awesome. Tue/Weds. boxing we worked mostly on my jab, my stance, and moving. The stance is so weird compared to when you’re doing live takedowns. It’s definitely taken some time to get used to it. But nevertheless I think i’m starting to look somewhat like i might (even though i don’t) know what I’m doing.

Thursday Gi- josh kicked our butts and we whipped ashcon’s as well.  It was a another small-mid size class.  We did a few positional drills, one I reallllllly like from someones butterfly guard.  You basically trap their hooks close to their butt, bring both knees to trap a single hook while trapping their hips, then switch your hips and end up in side control. I was pretty pumped when I got it while rolling, pretty effective if you’re tight enough.

Rolling was hard, for me at least. I’m trying to build my cardio back up (slowly but surely). It just feels like I’m a far ways away from what I used to be. Maybe I’m just dreaming but last summer I could roll and roll and roll some more and be tired but still feel good. Now i feel like i’m a chain smoker or something. I dunno what’s going on but i’m hoping to change it soon.

Most notable rolls: Tyler and I rolled relatively hard. Not sure how the pace got to fast but at one point he went for a triangle, i defended, and he caught a sweet, tight armbar and in my mind all i could think was “ARMBAR”, and of course thats exactly what came out. There was no “TAP”, no “OUCH, only a loud and distinct “ARMBAR“. The guys got a good chuckle off of that. Overall i felt alright thursday night. It just felt good to be around everyone. That environment has turned into my escape from all the stress, to an extent. I’ll probably be training a whooole lot more in the next month considering Debandi will be gone for almost the entire month of june for army stuff so i’ll have a little more time on my hands. Who knows maybe by the time he gets back i’ll be able to double leg him…hmmm…wishful thinking.

Check out this interesting interview GrappleArts did featuring Emily Kwok as she details her journey from a female white belt to black belt…must read..or listen

here’s a brief excerpt:

“Stephan:Can you give some examples of what ‘pushing yourself’ actually means?

Emily: Absolutely. From my perspective, I know I’ve had to just go out there and create opportunities for myself. I’ve had to take ownership of my own training; to go out there, seek what I want and not just accepting whatever is given to me. That, in a basic way, is competition training.

Sometimes I didn’t have the opportunity to train with the rest of the guys – I wasn’t big enough or whatever – so I have to run stairs or do cardio on my own. It was a very individual, solitary process.

When I’m here watching Marcelo training, I’m constantly amazed at how he’s evolving his game all the time. He has a very open attitude towards training and he’s very passionate about what he does. He trains with everyone. There are no boundaries and I’m really impressed by that.

I wish that more people chose to push themselves that way. He’ll be doing something in training, and then the next day, it’ll show up in a lesson. Or he’ll play with things, go home think about it a lot. It’s fascinating and it’s wonderful to be around and experience it first hand.”

2 Responses to “Why so glum sugraplum??”
  1. Allie says:

    Wow, loved the portion of the interview that you posted. Thanks for sharing!

  2. shakiaharris says:

    it took a while to read it in its entirety but i thought it was very interesting and she didn’t give the textbook answers to many of the questions which i also liked

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