Sick Kimuras, Cobrinha, & Rampage rants

Thursday’s gi class went great…a little rocky for me at first but great overall.  I got to class late so i missed the warm ups and I assume most of the techniques but I got there just in time to see Josh showing a pretty cool way to get on top while someone’s trying to escape side control. Say you’re on top in side control and the person beneath you is escaping by pummeling with the far side underhook…..

Well, as soon as they get on their side and up a bit instead of chasing them another option you have is to step over into a tight mount( while they’re on their side). Bring your other knee in very tight to prevent space…it kind of looks like this

except penny's right leg or knee rather would be up tight and high towards the head, the woman on bottom would have her right arm trapped essentially and it looks similar to a very high mount except the person on bottom is on their side

….and from there he showed many variations including armbars and the omoplata.

The big key with the omoplata he showed was bringing the shin/leg across the person’s face, almost like crossfacing them.  It helped me with my balance at least. Last night he commented that he got the shin detail from one of Cobrinha‘s instructionals.

Here’s a vid of Cobrinha showing a omoplata setup from guard..

So, bring the leg over and remember to keep the shin part of the leg over the head (think crossface, but not rude crossface we’re still training partners) and once you’re there adjust to finish and go super slooooow. Armlocks hurt bad.

Speaking of armlocks I was trolling Netflix last night and came across Breakout.  It’s 85 minutes of an all female pro mma card in Minnesota. I’m not exactly sure when they filmed it but it featured amazing fighters like Megumi Fuji.  One of the most sickening submissions was by

Shayna Baszler. She defeated her opponent with  a sick ass kimura. Good lord, it hurt me deep within to watch that one.

Man that looked like a career ender to me…

..Her setup for it is pretty interesting though…the way she grabs the arm with the farside arm and what not.

We rolled long and hard. The first few rolls kicked my ass but after getting a few in I felt great. It was weird. One of the highlights from Thursday night was executing a sweep I had watched repeatedly from black belt Vandi Vaz.  She did a seminar for my school a few years back and I managed to find a few of the xguard sweeps. When I got it on a very capable training part I felt like the kid off of The Incredibles. You’re in xguard, you have and underhook of the leg you push with your legs and grip their farside arm and then roll them right over and it worked like a charm. I’ve been looking for ways to expand my open guard and this may be an interesting way to explore other things.

The sweep occurs at 0:50.


Oh I almost forgot to mention, I found out a few days ago that I’m up for blue belt in June. Josh is going to Brazil to train in July and is having promotions before he sets out so that should be cool.  Apparently everyone knew before I did.  All of last week my boyfriend kept going, “I know something you don’t know.” Haha. Yes, he’s very mature.

Within the gym it doesn’t seem like a huge deal although a year ago I obsessed over it, I wanted the validation. Now i’m just worried about competing. I’ve read many stories about women that competed as soon as they got their blues and got smashed accordingly. I don’t know what will happen, I guess we shall see.

Oh and i’m very pleased to share with you some post fight hilarity from one fo the funniest UFC fighters…Rampage Jackson (last night after he won by decision..WATCH IT)

oh and another…where he says,”Fuck dana white.” haha hilarious.


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