2011 worlds kicked major ass

So i’m still tuning in, just watched Rodolfo Vieira win Gold with a very technical win (crazy balance too). I must say these matches have been ridiculously entertaining. I tuned in when possible yesterday, and by when possible that included on my lunch break at work but luckily I got there just in time to watch some of the women’s division.
OOOOo I gotta go Caio Terra & Bruno Malficine are up
…well Caio fell to Bruno but it was a good match.
Anywho the matches have been spectacular. I really wish I could’ve seen more of the purple belt women but my favorite division was the brown belt men. Every match that I watched at leaset was exciting. Each competitor went at it for keeps, not necessarily for points. Many of them went for submissions and in some cases it cost them the position but they were very passionate matches. I tuned in saturday for free and am glad that I spent the $10 on sunday. my boyfriend kept commentating that i could tune in on youtube in a week and watch most the matches but i liked the urgency of not being able to tune away from the computer because I liked sharing the moment of a female competitor sinking in a flying armbar, or rooting for Bia in hopes that she would conquer Gabi Garcia, the giant. It was awesome. Wish I could’ve been there. Now i want to compete…literally right now in this computer lab but sadly there is no one to go against šŸ˜¦ . I doubt the guy at the front desk would agree. I’m supposed to be fighting in August but in this moment i’d much rather compete….oh my I hope i can juggle everything and somehow satisfy my competition cravings.


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