Keeping your cool on the mat

How many times have you rolled with someone new or different and been slammed, heel hooked in gi, kicked in the face, received an unfortunate headbutt, or possibly received a very unfortunate shot to the groin (yes it hurts for us ladies too)? It happens all the time.  I’ve wrote time and time again about rolling with ego crazed people and how for a moment i forgot where I was and I literally went off. I’ve wrote about times where I was so overwhelmed with pain and anger I literally had to walk out the gym, tears streaming.

Well i’m quite proud of myself as of late. I’m terrible about letting things get to me but at last Thursday’s class after being slammed and manhandled…okay manhandled is a bit of stretch. It was just a hard roll. Instead of storming off and getting upset, I kept my cool, told the guy that he should never under any circumstance, especially rolling with me ever slam me again and I look forward greatly (devilish grin) to rolling with him next week.  I was pissed. Espcecially because I had warned him before the roll and of course i shouldn’t have rolled with him in the first place. Yes yes i know i’m so very stubborn.

I asked him if he’d like to go through the motions and within 20 seconds I felt like I was rolling in the mens absolute.  For the sake of keeping students i think that if I can keep the “drama” at a minimum the new guys especially will be more likely to stay. Oh and I know what you’re thinking, “Let them go.”  But the fact of the matter is that we have bills to pay right now so that means me sucking it up, shaking their hands at the end of class, and avoiding rolling with them in the future.

But this one time will be the exception, at next week’s gi class as evil as it sounds the little devil inside of me is looking very forward to rolling with him.  Don’t judge me, i’m only human.

I had been doing so well about the way I rolled with new people lately.  I had gotten better about anticipating the flailing and playing more defensive but I guess since we technically knew each other before class for some odd reason I thought he wouldn’t try to kill me. Hmmm. Well now i know i can’t afford to take that chance again.  I have a lot going on in the next few months and I can’t take any injury chances.

One thing that irritates the hell out me and is part of why I haven’t been blogging as much is how every so often whenever someone makes a brash joke or pisses me off or we have a tough roll someone will go, “Oh be careful you’ll make the blog”. Like it’s Schindler’s list or something. Very irritating.

It would appear that Gracie Mag has featured an article titled “Practical Guide to Keeping Your Cool” in their recent June issue.  I’m curious as to how others work to keep their cool whether it’s staying calm before, during, or after a roll.  Or how about tournaments?? How do you keep from letting the nerves distract you?

I Found out our belt promotions are June 26 at 1 pm. Josh hasn’t really said exactly who is getting promoted so I suppose we’ll all show up and see how it goes lol.




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