Unbreak my heart

Tonight I had my first laugh…well my first really good one since I found out about Garic’s passing. I went to gi brazilian jiu jitsu tonight and thought I was prepared however as soon as I walked into the room I was overcome with emotions and began to cry quietly on the side of the mat for quite some time.  Once i was able to collect myself I participated in class and josh showed some cool grip options from guard that setup up a armbar, choke, and a sweep but i’ll make that a separate post.  After class we decided to meet up at Overtimes and to my surprise tonight was karaoke night.  It was a big redneck gathering, to put it nicely. Mostly young and messy college girls hollering old dixie chick and nsync songs but just as we were preparing to leave I heard a couple of familiar notes.  A young man got on stage and sang one of my all time favorites, Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton. Yes, and he was awesome. He sang it like he meant it, like the person he was longing for was sitting right in front of him and I instantly found myself torn. Here I was legitimately enjoying myself for the first time in a week.  But then the words hit me and I wanted to be sad, i wanted to weep and then I reminded myself of what happened at this same establishment the last time Garic and myself were there. Haha I remember getting mad at him because the waitress was so far up his ass I could barely get a glass of water.   It was a really fun night all together…but that was a year ago :/.  I wish i would’ve recorded the guy singing it because he sounded good, better than i could ever hope to sound. Plus it’s one of those songs that you sing in the car, blaring with your windows up.  You play it so loud so that as you’re singing it sounds like you’re actually on key.  Tonight was a good night. I’m hoping i’ll be able to rest a little easier. God knows I miss him, we’ll see how the morning turns out.

One Response to “Unbreak my heart”
  1. Douglas says:

    I’d like to place a memorial on i65, would you happen to know around what mile marker? Such a sad story.

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