Getting my Blue belt and bruised buns

fun day

Got my blue belt today but at the expense of my left butt cheek. There were 3 blues, two purples, a green, and an orange. I’m josh’s second female blue belt. Today was bittersweet and you know why. But anywho, had to show a technique, got belted, you were thrown by the higher ranking belts and then after everyone got their new belts the gauntlet commenced. We went down and back with our gi tops on (thank god) and it frickin hurt. The worst were a few shots on the leg, and one awesome blow at the end to my left butt cheek (bless its heart).  Oh how i love tradition.  The part that killed me wasn’t the actual gauntlet it was my boyfriend’s constant reminders of just how hard he was going to hit me..i know he’s hilarious but not really.  I saw him gunning for me out the corner of my eye..little terd :).  Anywho we rolled a lot afterward.

Josh put all that got promoted on the mats and we had partners every single time.  At one point one of the guys remarked that he was really going to turn up the heat as far as rolling with me and I couldn’t understand how on earth he or many of the others could roll any harder if that makes sense. I suppose that could mean not fishing me things, going for different submissions maybe, or not letting me work as much as they had in the past. But after we rolled it meant clearly that he’d just roll harder. Which is surprising that he could roll any harder than he has the past year that i’ve trained.  Everyone is heavy to me, most roll relatively hard, i guess it’s just another day in the life.  I guess that the blue belt may mean a lot of the guys won’t write me off as soon as they see me.  I won’t lie I kind of like the whole underestimating thing. In some ways it almost felt like it gave me a leg up. But today’s the big day the day I had wanted to happen time and time again and now that it’s here…i dunno…i just feel like it’s a sunday.  Overall it was a fun time. I haven’t rolled with that many different people in a long time. Oh and we had some food after…it was almost like a cookout except without the bbq lol

Here’s my gauntlet…p.s. i’m going to kill my boyfriend

Here’s a video taken at the promotions today of some of the rolling that commenced. Enjoy.

16 Responses to “Getting my Blue belt and bruised buns”
  1. Liam Wandi says:

    Excellent. Many congrats 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Congrats, girl!
    I find it amusing that it just felt like a Sunday to you. I guess it ultimately doesn’t matter since there is always a ton of work ahead of us no matter our belt colour. Still, you should be proud!

  3. shakiaharris says:

    thanks liam & ashley. yeah it was really weird. Maybe it’s because of all th crazy emotional stuff but it could’ve been the dozen or so butt whoopings i got during rolling haha i kept thinking “maaaan i got a lot of work to do.”

  4. SavageKitsune says:

    Congratulations! I love your expression on the “fun day” pic. The yellow gi looks slammin’, too.

    • shakiaharris says:

      haha thanks yea i laugh everytime i see it..that picture is not the profile pic for the team’s fb page. i love the yellow gi but right now it’s my primary training gi and i’m afraid i’m wearing it into the ground so i may need some tips on a new one

  5. Michelle says:

    Congrats on your blue!

  6. Congradulations, and BTW… You look absolutely stunning in yellow!

  7. slideyfoot says:

    Congrats! Could be because I’m reading this on my phone, but you’re the only one who looks happy in that pic! 😉

  8. hemp says:

    .Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – The Path to Blue BeltBy One of the first things which I read in my studies of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that most practitioners make it as far as the coveted blue belt and then quit. Having felt the journey of this path myself I couldnt imagine how someone could build such a valuable foundation of skill and knowledge without gaining that drive to reach and to surpass and to excel.

  9. Dolph says:

    Congratulations! Blue is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud.

    • shakiaharris says:

      thanks dolph!! i competed the first time this past weekend with my blue around my waist and got 2nd in gi and 2nd in nogi. It’s definitely a diffrerent game and the girls compete for keeps. Not only are they still as aggressive but improving technique has to be on the forefront. I now know this and plan to drill and train much harder than before.

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  2. […] I would also like to congratulate Shakia on her beautiful new blue belt! […]

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