To cup or not To Cup..that is the question

Monday I got to class pretty late (I’ve been walking more lately but i’m a slow walker go figure). Got there in time to see a few sweeps from joe. Despite my grumpy bear attitude i rolled pretty well. Hit one of the advanced spider guard sweeps josh showed me on one of the tougher frequently freeballin (inside joke) blues so that about made my night. I usually dread no gi because i rely so much on grips but i’m starting to feel more comfortable with it.  Back to the freeballin comment..and he’s going to kill me for mentioning this on here BUT it’s my blog and i make the final say.  I was rolling with…Freeballer and while we were rolling we got into a scramble and yes I got a handful of his happy place. It was probably the most inappropriate i’ve ever felt..besides rolling with anyone that has really large boobs. But that’s an entirely different post.  Last Thursday josh commented about how cups are not allowed in most gi tournaments and had kind of advised some of the guys to try and train without them.

Seeing as how I have no anatomical need for one I’ll make a Pros to rolling with someone wearing a cup list…and a cons/nightmares of rolling with someone wearing a cup list.


  • No unfortunate handfuls of junk
  • Passing guard and half guard are a breeze when you’re not worrying if they’ll ever be able to procreate again
  • North south position is a little more bearable with something hard than something soft


  • Armbars are excruciatingly tight
  • if you happen to get crazed by one in a scramble you could knock yourself out
  • well the armbar thing i pretty much all i got

Anyways what I’m getting at is I am now emotionally scarred from getting a very full handful of my training partner’s junk.  i think my exact words afterward were, “I think I just cheated”. I felt dirty, and sinful afterward. I’m very thankful that his other half wasn’t there to witness that exchange.

Apart from that very awkward moment had a good time, shannon shared how much i need to incorporate the bow and arrow choke in my game. If i can complain about something else (insert woman joke here).  I rolled with one of the newer white belts over the weekend and he would not i repeat WOULD NOT stop arguing with me.  You know, you ever roll with someone and you get a sweep or submission and they immediately start making excuses like if they weren’t talking to someone else, or if the sky was green, or if their gi had super powers then you wouldn’t have gotten it. Well, he did it often to the point where i started arguing back, and it took everything i had to not yell SHUT UP AND ROLL. I know i’m emotionally unstable right now and have a short fuse but if i’ve been rolling a wee bit longer than you (a year to be exact) and it’s something super simple that i actually know how to do please do not argue just listen. Especially if you’re arguing with me because i’m half your size and sweeping you often. Which is exactly what it was. Uggh.

Sorry I just had to vent because he literally ruined my day  during belt promotions. The arguing and hard rolling made me never and i can confidently say that I never want to roll with person ever again.


I thought if i started writing then maybe i can find a clear path to serenity but sadly everything is just in jumbles. My thoughts are clouded it feels like everything that I put any effort towards is tainted.  Last week i was better about being social and making an effort..this week=bad week. Stay in my cave as much as possible. I’m SUPER grumpy. BUT i have rolled better so at least that’s a plus.


I was talking to the other female blue and she mentioned how she got into brazilian jiu jitsu to help her deal with her grief at that time. I dunno this whole thing is a really sloooooooooooooooooooooooow process. So i’ll distract myself with a little more bjj…




First, here’s a female match at the Arizona open and i get a little click happy on YouTube sometimes. Nevertheless I’m glad i found it. These girls are scrapers.



On a happier and calmer note i ‘ve  had Liam’s blog open on my computer for the past 24 hours trying to soak in a cool butterfly series he posted and it has many options. check it out if you have the time, it shows sweeps, triangle attacks, and other options from butterfly guard.



5 Responses to “Freeballin”
  1. leslie says:

    Next time, seriously, tell him to shut up and roll. Arguing won’t convince him. Kicking his butt repeatedly might at least make him somewhat receptive to maybe listening to a little bit at some point in the far distant future. :-/

    (If that happens in drilling, I just call the instructor over. I don’t even bother. Sometimes they don’t even listen to him!)

    • Aparna says:

      lol or don’t even bother to tell him to shut up…just say “ok” and keep going. That’ll probably make him mad, but whatever.

      • Laura says:

        I’ve told a few whitebelt guys that the blue belt around my waist means that I know a few things.

        I had an argument with a guy once about how you don’t actually need the cup to finish an armbar. He was convinced that he absolutely had to pull my arm across his cup. He didn’t have an explanation for how I was able to do it without one.

        More cons for rolling with a guy with a cup:
        – back control means bruises up and down the spine
        – body triangle with a cup is excrutiating when it’s pressed into your floating ribs.

    • Dolph says:

      If a white belt wants to have a conversation with me while we’re training, I tend to say something like: “Right now, we’re supposed to be training. So let’s just keep going, and we can talk about any technique you want after class”. I then clap hands and get back to training.

  2. Megan says:

    Gorgeous yellow gi…and uh…what Lesli said.

    Glad to see you’re working through everything, even if it is gradual.

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