I’m not invincible

my 2nd gi match, i won by triangle (i lost my first one by points)

Contrary to popular belief, or rather my own personal belief that I would never admit under any other circumstances I am not in fact invincible. I know, I know lol.  Yesterday I competed for the first time with the blue belt around my waist (got promoted 3 weeks ago) and took 2nd in gi and 2nd no gi.  It was at the Extreme Grappling Open in Nashville, Tn.  There were actually plenty of white belt girls and part of me wished I could compete with them for more rolls but they put on a good show.  Blue belt women had 4 girls originally and then one dropped out, My first match was against Kayla from Memphis BJJ and she’s just flat out awesome. I hear about sore losers, but the thing is you can’t be too mad when you lost fair and square. You can tell when it’s someone who has better technique, better cardio, and a much better game. It happens. I’m not going to make excuses because I’ll always think of a million things I “could’ve done”. But the fact of the matter is that she’s awesome and super nice which makes everything easier to swallow. Nevertheless I’m glad I went. Our first match she won by points, there were a few time i wanted to pass but was hesitant and I went for a straight ankle at the last moment but it was a no go. When i get a hold of the video i’ll post. My second match I won by a triangle within the first few minutes. That was the first time I’d ever lost a match and I’d be lying if i said my feelings weren’t hurt a bit. I’m very emotional so part of me hadn’t even wanted to do no gi but i’m glad I kicked out the bad thoughts and continued on.  I’d never admit any of this to my team, and seeing as most of them don’t see this blog I’m perfectly content with admitting it to all of you.

In no gi the third girl dropped out so it was just me and kayla and I wasn’t as disheartened I just knew that I’d have to try harder, try to be more aggressive and do my best but I lost to a rear naked choke at 2:32.  So I got 2nd in both divisions I don’t really count the no gi since it was only 2 of us and we only got to roll that one time.  So “2nd” seems misleading, I lost the one and only match I had in nogi.  But I have a another fire lit under my ass and I don’t think I suck, I don’t think I don’t deserve my belt, I think that competing in this new division is like opening a door to a whole other side of grappling tournaments. The pace seems quicker and you really have to be on your shit to excel.  I truly believe that if i train harder that I can excel and one day win a big tournament. I just gotta put forth the effort, and definitely more effort than i’ve put forward these past few weeks.  I’m hopeful.

All in all it was a fun tournament.

Some of the highs…

David Newton one of our blue belts got bumped up tot eh expert division in no gi to get him more matches (that’s the division for purple-black belts) and he kicked major ass. The matches were 10 minutes long and allowed any submission. He got 2nd.

It was also great to see some of the guys compete for the first time, Big congrats to Sam, Rick, and David for having the stones to even enter the tournament.

Some of the lows…

Some of the parents were downright AWFUL!!! In the kids division, they looked no older than 8 or 9 i swear that I heard a father yell to his son DON’T TAP, to an  armlock!! an armlock!! THese parents were worse than what i’ve seen on that show about pageant moms. Sheesh. Do they not realize that their CHILD, the fruit of their loins can be seriously injured if he doesn’t tap.  It’s not about being weak, it’s about being sore. I’d rather lose a match and leave unscathed than lose a match AND have a broken arm or torn shoulder.  Maybe that father doesn’t train and doesn’t realize how excruciating it is to have your arm ripped off. Hmmm…What TERRIBLE parenting.

3 Responses to “I’m not invincible”
  1. Ashley says:

    Congrats, girl!

    The two group pictures are lovely!

  2. Georgette says:

    Yes, I really like the last group shot… great camaraderie 🙂

  3. shakiaharris says:

    thanks both of you!! i’ve added the video of the first gi match, feel free to comment as you like

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