It has been weeks since I’ve last blogged but i can report several recent developments.

First and foremost I’ve spent all of my free time preparing for my Amateur MMA debut this Saturday August 13 at Hardrock MMA 39.  I”m not exactly sure who my opponent will be because of weight class stuff but I do know that there are two possibilities which means I’ll almost definitely have a fight.  When I started training i wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and now training for a fight has brought me such peace. Jiu-Jitsu has always been my release but takedowns..wrestling…ground & pound…they’ve all been ways to transfer my pain in a controlled environment to other people :).  My happy cup has been very dry lately.  I’ve recently described it as 52 days of hell.  On the 42nd day I had a brief breakdown but now i’m feeling better. It needed to happen.  After the first few weeks you grow cautious of even mentioning your lost one for you notice very quickly how uncomfortable it makes the people around you…some squirm…others stop being around you altogether. The avoidance has driven me crazy at times but it’s making me realize who loves me and who doesn’t.

Robin promted to Purple Belt in Brazil July 2011

I’ve also been narrowing some larger tournaments that I’d like to conquer, most notably the Naga in Nashville in November.  I was thinking of doing the Grapplers Quest in Dalton, GA. BUT it’s a pricey little party and i’m not quite sure i’ll be in attendance.  Josh and Robin have returned from their month-long trip to Brazil na din Josh’s return our school has two new purple belts, big congrats to Robin and Scott (super saiyan).

In other news we’ve added a wrestling class to the Bowling Green BJJ/Bowling Green Beatdown curriculum. It will be taught by Eric Burrell on Tuesday from 6:30-8ish.  The first class was last Tuesday and I was nervous because I thought that it was going to be rough but i’m so glad i went.  It was relaxed, technical, and I really felt like he broke everything down in understandable steps.  He showed ways to break your opponent down from the front headlock position as well as effective ways to hold your opponent in that position. He also showed a knee pick while having a strong underhook where you’re gripping your opponent’s shoulder.  Here’s a video that’s pretty much exactly what he showed…

After technique and live takedowns he answered a few questions where i asked him to help me tweak a few of my takedowns.  I feel pretty good about FINALLY having a few takedowns that i’m decent at.  I’m starting to realize the difference between techniques I’d like to be good at, and techniques that work for me. I’m afraid to admit it but there was a time where i’d avoid the things that worked to go for the things that “looked good”. No i’m not proud but hey i’m making progress we’re only human.

Tonight I went for a jog and finally got to experience what I always hear people referring to running on autopilot. I had hit the 20 minute mark and my breathing stayed steady, was getting kind of tired and then as I started to increase the pace it was like I wasn’t tired at ll my legs were just moving, fast. It was like I was on autopilot and IT WAS AWESOME.  I used to run track, short distances, and I hate running, but tonight it felt good.  I feel like my conditioning has improved and I really like results. Yay me 🙂

So in a nutshell, i am madly in love with gi, am diggin wrestling class,  have my first fight in less than four days, and healing verrrrry slowly, and i’ve decided to re watch every single episode of grey’s anatomy. It is this month’s guilty pleasure.

2 Responses to “Autopilot”
  1. Aparna says:

    Good luck in your fight! Will it be recorded for us to see?

  2. Shakia says:

    The guys over at will have live update but I’ll upload the video as soon as possible. I’m really excited it’s almost like Christmas lol the anticipation at least. That and I’m really eager to see where my holes are..kind of how competing in tournaments exposes your bjj weaknesses

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