Coming Soon: Womens Classes in Bowling Green,Ky

Shannon and myself are really excited to be teaching Bowling Green Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Judo’s first Womens BJJ class this friday (Sept 9) from 7pm-8pm.

Due to conflicting schedules it had taken a little longer than usual to get it started but  now we have a couple of girls interested and I’m trying to spread the word locally so hopefully we have a good turnout. I hoping for 10 girls, that would be awesome and feed my ego that all of this work preparing for Friday has been worth it.  My biggest thing has been trying to figure out how to market it towards the women in our community. If you have any thoughts or ideas PLEASE SHARE.

It sounds funny but I have no idea how to market it to everyone because everyone is different.  There are no uniform personality types that enjoy jiu jitsu. Only contrary, everyone I train with is insanely diverse. Either way I’m hoping this will be a way to introduce the wonderful world of brazilian jiu jitsu to the women of Bowling Green so wish us luck.

i'm in love with this book

On another awesome note..I have recently added two new books to my mma/bjj library and I must say that at the moment there’s nothing I like more than indulging myself with their contents. The first I would happily have bought at full price. I love it, it is awesome GO BUY IT NOW. It’s Andre Galvao’s Drill to Win. Every section has something awesome. Some of the drills are similar to ones we’ve done before with slight alterations in grips, positioning, or number of partners. Lately I’ve got my boyfriend to do several of the partnered drills with me and I gotta tell you, not only is it lighting this major fire under my ass when it comes to training but it’s helping our relationship (i think at least). It’s almost like finding a new restaurant to have date night, only finding dozens of techniques, drills, critiques to positions that neither of us had seen, considered, or of course we’d forgotten.

One of the cooler aspects is how the book is divided to be used as 12 month training regimen for tournament preparation. I’m definitely keeping this one close to my side as I’m training for the upcoming NAGA in Nashville.


Well I have a mean astronomy class to return to…nothing like lunar eclipses, super cluster galaxies, and solstices at 2a.m. to start off my week.

Next post I’ll do a short review of Marcelo Garcia’s X-Guard…which I’m quite fond of as well..but what can I say the Galvao book has me by the balls…well figuratively speaking that is.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Womens Classes in Bowling Green,Ky”
  1. SavageKitsune says:

    Okay, I gotta know….. what’s up with the spiders? 🙂

  2. shakiaharris says:

    lol well in all honesty i just could not find any backgrounds worth while so ovr the next few post it may change a few times…
    ..but my OFFICIAL jiu jitsu answer= it represents my love for spider guard lol

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