Just want to share the BJJ love

You know that weird restless,unsettled feeling in your belly you get the morning of a tournament, fight, or wedding? Well I’ve had that feeling that last few days because Tonight’s the night. Tonight is our first women’s class and my nervousness has now surpassed my excitement. I think it’s the whole “their thoughts and future involvements in bjj are resting on our shoulders” thing that’s really getting to me.  I tried reading some of my older posts and see what I liked, didn’t like, and needed to know when I first started out and so far that search has been a bust.  It’s just that jiu jitsu has positively affected my life to the point where I just want to share it with anyone.  I don’t want to provide that one terrible experience where they go “Yep, def  not for me.” I’d like it to be more of a “That was awesome, when’s next class?”  type of class.  I have to remember it’s not about pulling fireworks out of your ass. Surely fireworks are pretty to look at but they may overwhelm the girls. I’m just trying to think positively and wonder what we should show, how, and then just take it from there.  Shannon has a pretty good game plan already written up. I think next week i’d like to focus on guard techniques and takedowns.  I’m trying to take a few drills i’ve learned from the Andre Galvao drill to win book but most of those techniques require gi so we’ll do some altering.

Any and everyone that sees this post PLEASE OH PLEASE comment on what was your most memorable/fun class and why? Which techniques do you favor drilling? Or anything. I appreciate ALL THE INPUT people. I’m so nervous. I think part of my jitters are from hoping we’ll have a good turnout, the others are from wanting to provide a great experience.

What do you think is necessary for a great jiu jitsu experience, and I WANT DETAILS people lol.

Oh heres a vid i’ve found of josh recording shannon and I rolling…

In other news…

Last night’s class was chock full of sliding collar chokes. My fingers and neck were raw. Had to stop in the middle of class and bust out the Pure Seduction, Victorias Secret lotion to apply to my skin. But at least the room smelled of berries. It probably wasn’t the best night to break in my new Koral lightweight white gi. It just felt rough but once you’re choked out by your own gi more thana  dozen times you’re bound to grow a little bitters towards it 🙂 . I did make an effort to go for the choke a few times in class and noticed a few adjustments early on but I do believe it’ll be something I spend quite a bit of time drilling on.


One Response to “Just want to share the BJJ love”
  1. slideyfoot says:

    Cool – I’ve said it before, but it’s cool how lots of bloggers now seem to be teaching. I started back in May, and the main thing I’ve found useful is planning the hell out of each class. I’ll try and keep it to two techniques per class, having everybody drill them for four minutes each. I follow that with three minutes of progressive resistance each (emphasising the idea is to help your partner isolate any mistakes they’re making), finishing off with specific sparring from the relevant position.

    I’ve also found it helpful to check out how other instructors have taught the same thing, especially my favourites, Saulo, Xande and Roy Dean.

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