Pretend as if the gi doesn’t exist

Training these past few weeks have been pretty intense. Between class 8am-9:20,work 9:30-7,and training 7-till i fall I have been struggling to adjust to everything.  These past few weeks Josh has had the fighters buckle down and focus solely on mma which made me kind of sad at first as my schedule doesn’t permit for extra mat time 😦 . This past monday we were instructed in preparation for our fights to “pretend as if the gi doesn’t exist.” *insert super sad face here*  I was so disheartened when he first said that, I thought to myself, “What about me, gi is my crutch, gi makes me feel like a big kid..” But then after mma class my thoughts transitioned to “yeaaaaa i’m going to have to crawl my way from underneath gi.”  I love the details which is partially why I love gi so much but Josh is correct and it made me think of something Andre Galvao said at the ADCC this year, he mentioned how it is impossible to train jiu jitsu and mma and be excellent at both, one will suffer.  Seeing as how we have committed to fighting, then our focus should be on adjusting our grappling styles to fight that of a caged setting.

One of the big pluses to training for my fight is that I get to frequent the wrestling classes which I’m truly loving. It’s hard to keep up with all the adjustments week to week but I’m starting to get an idea of how to transition to the different takedowns while reacting to what my partner is doing.

Shannon helping mercedes with her armbar

Also the women’s classes are going quite well, we had a great guard series a few weekends ago and I think we’re going to introduce takedowns this friday.  Surprisingly the local university recently contacted me to do an article on our class. Hopefullly that will help to increase awareness and attendance.

One Response to “Pretend as if the gi doesn’t exist”
  1. Pugilista says:

    Great blog! Fight training is so draining, both emotionally and physically, so it’s great you have a team to support you. I’m looking forward to reading more about letting go of the kimono for a little bit!

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