Passionate about the Jits

Women’s class went great last night, we had a lot missing because it’s fall break at the university.  We had a photojournalism student come by and snag some photos of class for a project he’s doing and i’m excited because now we’ll have some great photos to post on facebook and posters to spread the word.  Shannon’s back was hurting her pretty bad so i ran through most of the technique and we went over the armbars and triangles from guard to review from last week, showed the takedown with double unders and sit with the leg outstretched, as well as several guard passes including the knee through pass and a standing pass.

The photographer is doing a story about teachers and when he asked to follow us to see what our lives are like outside the gym I hesistantly stated, “This is it.”  It didn’t quite hit me how huge bjj is in my life until I really thought about what OTHER activities do I really do….yeah this is it.  I explained to him that boyfriend trains and we both do tournaments and have fights coming up.  I think what really solidified that I have no life outside the gym was when I informed him that we have mats in our living room, I pretty much felt like a freak, like a cat lady.  But luckily he saw that as being uber passionate.

Looking forward to this upcoming week.  Body’s got some rest so I’ll be able to do the jiu jitsu and mma classes this week.  We had an awesome muay thai seminar at the gym Thursday night, taught by Rodrigo Vidal.  Really nice guy, speaks ZERO english so my instructor did a lot of translating.  Learned some pretty useful things and there was a great turnout. Great job guys!!

Next saturday is the Bluegrass Open in Louisville, KY and Shannon & I both are competing. We both were really attracted to the rules of the gi tournament. It’s round robin style so you’re supposed to be guaranteed 3 or 4 matches…hopefully we’ll have enough girls to where it’s not shannon and I rolling a bunch.

Grappling community join me while I mourn my fighter girl zebra board shorts.  In theory it may not be a great idea to have the “zebra” fabric on the side of the shorts seeing as if you have a very active ground game then what will eventually happen, as in my case, the fabric will begin to tear fretfully from the shorts and you will be very sad 😦 .  I haven’t even had them for a year, so I’m pretty disappointed but I will live. Defintely going to consider a sturdier pair of shorts next time around.

I am however LOOOOOOVING the fightergirl vale tudo shorts.  Everything looks good and feels good, they don’t ride up.  The only time I ever really have a problem is if the shorts I’m wearing underneath ride up.  I made a comment thursday that my butt felt ‘heavy’ in these shorts…although I have a considerable amt of junk in my trunk.  Nevertheless I’m glad I went this route, they’ve help up perfectly through jiu jitsu, wrestling, and mmaa.

I have these...

2 Responses to “Passionate about the Jits”
  1. SavageKitsune says:

    Don’t feel bad, I have a heavy bag hanging in my living room. *And* cats. (Well, the cats aren’t hanging)

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