Training in the Bay Area…Hello San Francisco

From left:Blake, Me, Jessie. at Squat n Gobble...DELICIOUS

First and foremost I deeply apologize for the hiatus. Life’s just gotten in the way but due to some recent jiu jitsu and life experiences it would be a disservice to not share them with everyone.

San Franciso, the promise land, the place where even the most outrageous things don’t even get a second glance.  The week before thanksgiving I travelled to San Francisco to seek closure.  If you’ve followed my blog you may know that my ex boyfriend recently passed june 18,2011 and he died the day of his going away party because he was moving to San Franciso.  SO I decided to accompany my friend there and spend nearly a week getting the know the place and person that he loved and managed to squeeze in some good training as well.

I had “planned” to visit several gyms while in the area but geography got in the way sometimes.   One gym that I did get to train at was Bay Jiu Jitsu.  It’s located in Japantown and according to mapquest was 13 minutes from my friends apt in The Castro, HOWEVER mapquest does not account for the insane driving that takes place in SF.  It took FOREVER to get there and I was late, but did make it to their No gi class.  It was led by head instructor Stephan Goyne and although it was a smaller class I had some good rolls.

Coincidentally I packed two gis and FORGOT my blue belt (kill me now) so that’s why I chose the no gi portion.  There were only guys in attendance but they have a girl there that trains regularly so they were accustomed to rolling with women, which was a plus.  Lots of different games, one guy had an awesome guard, another sought for the back every chance he got, and they were really welcoming.  Wish I had more time to train with them but this was Veterans Day weekend and I had other obligations.

I rolled a lot with their black belt Stephan Goyne, he rolls very calmly and is very encouraging to the guys.  If you live or will be in the Bay area I highly recommend Bay Jiu Jitsu.  It didn’t feel like I was competiting in  tournament, which is always a plus.

Another Highlight from my trip:

One of the things we discovered once Garic passed was that he had planned to participate in the Mens Health Urbanathalonthat is similar to a marathon but it has a series of obstacles.  You can compete

the course alone or in relays.

Team Garic in San Francisco Men's Health Urbanathalon

In his memory several friends did a relay and we “Team Garic” completed the race.  Now I use “we” loosely as I did not run I was on side and cheered the guys on as I was cutting weight for a fight to happen the next week.  The race itself was really entertaining and there were literally thousands of people that showed up.  There some people that are professional triathalon athlets, and everyday joes that wanted a challenge, Oh and I did mention the sea of beautiful men (hey it’s san francisco).  It seemed pretty intense on paper but hey I think If I was ever in an area where the event was taking place I’d sign up next time.

Other photos from my San Francisco excursion:


packed before the whistle


The last obstacle...THE WALL

I'd like to think I'm one at heart 🙂

3 Responses to “Training in the Bay Area…Hello San Francisco”
  1. slideyfoot says:

    I’m keen to go visit San Francisco some time, both because it seems like a cool place and due to my academic focus (poetry discussing the AIDS experience during the early ’80s, which unsurprisingly has a close connection to San Francisco).

    Lots of awesome gyms there too: IIRC, Kurt Osiander trains there?

    • shakiaharris says:

      it was wonderful. I’m trying to go back again in april. THere are plenty of gyms but be warned the driving there is INSANE lol there are so many awesome places to eat there it’s hard to resist the urge to pig out before class

      • slideyfoot says:

        Yeah, the driving is the big problem for me in the US, for the very simple reason that I don’t drive. 😉

        Here in the UK, I can get by no problem using public transport and cycling. Unfortunately, I hear the public transport in the US, and especially LA, is rubbish. 😦

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