Ears burned red

The ladies had some words for me at last weeks women’s class.  I had them do a series of takedowns and while they had a blast the after effects were not so pleasing.  Most complained of being so sore they were certain that my ears burned red from their comments about me making them do takedowns lol

Anywho Josh posted the videos from the Tennessee State BJJ tournament, I won no gi, and shannon won blue belt gi.  It’s weird how in my mind I remember the matches going completely different.  Either way I have a looong list of things I need to work on.  Even though I won both my no gi matches I see tons of improvement.

Here’s the first:


and the second:

Background info, shannon is the other female blue belt at Bowling Green BJJ, we teach the women’s classes and she’s training for 3 or 4 years I believe.  SO for us “competing” felt more like rolling like we do in class, except in the middle of a gymnasium in front of god and everyone else. SO if you’re wondering why we make little comments to each other here and then, it’s because we’re dorks. Coincidently after that tournament I learned how to correcly finish a reverse triangle without feeling like my knees were going to pop off lol.


Since I’m in the youtube-giving mood.

Here’s a GOLDEN clip of Joe Baize.  He’s the black belt within our association that recently competed in England at ADCC to which I’ve posted his match against Rodolfo Viera.  Well here is Joe in all his glory.  I hope this video gives you a glimpse into the insanely enjoyable guys I train with. Joe is in the red shirt, Junior (purple belt) is the bald man.  Their “board breaking skills” have NOTHING on their jiu jitsu game. Enjoy.




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