Naga Nashville -1st Gi, 1st Nogi & The problems with being 155lbs…

So I am extremely happy to say that I trained hard, ate considerably better, dealt with my nerves and won Naga’s intermediate no gi division and well the gi division.  Although I should be floating on air my experience at the tournament was less than pleasant.  Unfortunately being at 155 lbs left me at a huge disadvantage match wise.  I was also unaware that instead of placing you w/ members of your own rank the bracketers at NAGA were more apt to place you with someone of your own weight…without letting you know in advance until both of your names are called and you’re greeted by a white belt instead of 3 of the 4 other female blue belts that were in attendance.

I was called over to my table, paid my money same as everyone. They ran my divsion, handed out medals, took a picture with the damn banner and once the table officials realized the mistakes they tried to hurriedly convince some of the girls to get back on the mat and compete against me. I was furious.

Brandon & I

I PROMISE to post much much much much more about my interesting experience hopefully today. But i’m waiting to finish this blog post once I receive a response from the coordinators at NAGA. I sincerely hope that my issue is handled with a tremendous amount of care. But i hope you all can understand why I would be upset to pay 100$ to roll w/ a white belt (no offense) instead of persons of similar rank.  I attended the event for the quality not for the quantity of matches.

Last year I grappled a girl that weighed 190lbs and I did not complain, I smiled because I knew the fight would be worth it because she had trained longer than me.

Stay tuned…

One of my matches…


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