UPDATED:These are a few of my favorite bjj/mma things…

In celebration of reaching over 20k views on my blog I’ve decided to compose a list, and a fine list at that of a few things that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed..and even a few things that I didn’t care for.  Hopefully you will find it very beneficial.  I’ve wanted to do one of these posts for months and now I finally have the time for it. ENJOY.  If there are any vendors that would like me to try out their merchandise feel free to email me. Thanks.


  • Marcelo Garcia’s Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques – $20 @ Amazon.com – Let me first start by saying WOW! One of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.  The techniques are simple, effective, and very offensive.  The illustrations are great with multiple views of positions.  You must buy this book, you will not be disappointed.  Josh Johnson/Black Belt once said that there are guard passes that it took him years to perfect, listed in this book. Highly recommend.
  • Andre Galvao’s Drill to Win:12 months to Better BJJ $23 @ Amazon.com-  This book is a permanent fixture at the Bowling Green gym.  It has literally everything from strengthening grips to taking the back.  Solo drills, partner drills, ball drills, galore.  It’s awesome to use at open mats when you have extra time to get some drilling in.  I love this book, I highly recommend it.


  • Stash Tea-Original Honey Sticks -$9.50 @ Amazon.Com… Here’s an interesting post at Livestrong.com about the effects of eating honey prior to a workout.  At first I was going to buy on the shelf honey at a local retailer however I’ve read numerous articles about how the honey sold on the shelves was too processed to be considered “real” honey.  Due to the season the Farmer’s markets haven’t started back up just yet so I turned to online providers and so far I’m pretty pleased with the honey sticks.  At first I didn’t care for the taste so I use them as sugar substitutes in oatmeal, but I have noticed how it seems to quickly ‘wake me up’ after consumption.

  • Nature Valley Protein Bars -$4 @ Kroger- DELICIOUS!!!!! I cannot boast about they tasty delights enough. Let me start by saying that I don’t like dark chocolate, and I don’t care for peanut butter, but some magical way these things are delicious, filling, and I love eating them a few hours before practice to avoid that light headed, “punch drunk” feeling I used to get if I trained on a light stomach.  Warning, due to the healthy amount of fiber in these things if your diet is not used to it be prepared for a very prompt visit to the ladies/gents room.

Training Gear

  • Fighter Girl Zebra shorts

    Fighter Girl’s Boardshorts- 61$I Know..I know…you’re probably tired of reading me praise and praise Fighter Girl’s apparel, but what can I say the fit and design options speak for themselves.  I’ve bought 3 or 4 of their board shorts and another pair of the vale tudos.  The only gripe I have about the board shorts is that they are REALLY low rise.  Compression shorts beneath are a must.

    Fighter Girls Black Sports Bra -$17.99

    My FAVORITE SPORTS BRA. I’ve watched thousands of matches and have always been jealous of the girls that could compete with just a sports bra underneath their gi without any slips, pop outs, or flashes. The cut of the bra is perfect. There is no cleavage when I train ( and I’m a C cup so that’s saying something. Also the racerback design in the backs also does a great job of making a slimming effect. No unnecessary back rolls or folds.

  • C9 Champion Sports Bras – 12.99 @ Target . Available in a dozen colors, all of the lady bits are covered and stay in place.  From someone who almost suffered a malfunction at a tournament I know a thing or two about how important it is to keep the lady bits in place. Best part, the colors don’t bleed on to my white gis like some awful tank tops I’ve purchased in the past. Beware.
  • C9 Champion Tank- 15 $ @ Target – Love this tank because it has a built in bra, yes an acutal built in bra not the crap thin layer of cushion most designers pass off as a “bra”.  I can wear it under the gi without a tee shirt and it keeps me cool and covered. Recommend getting it a size up because the racerback option if you go to small makes it incredibly hard to get out of.  Once again another not so shining moment by myself lol.
  • C9 Running tights– 22$ @ Target-  Super comfortable, keeps the bum in place, and I have a large one.  Keeps me cool and doesn’t ride up at all.
  • New Balance 690 Running Shoes- 40$ 2 Kohls (**Exclusive 10% off code for kohls.com. You can share code TENBLOG now through December 29th. It can be used to stack savings with one other code as well )– I wear size 10, have flat and wide feet and these shoes are awesome. Usually I have terrible lower back pain from running and I don’t have that issue at all with these shoes.  Mine are black and hot pink and I’ve ran on nearly every surface, from gravel, paved and unpaved roads all across downtown Bowling Green and they’ve held up quite well.**)
  • Women’s Saucony Running Shoes–KOHLS (**Exclusive 10% off code for kohls.com. You can share code TENBLOG now through December 29th. It can be used to stack savings with one other code as well )  Sure they’re no NIKE swoosh!! But if you can look past the “name brand appeal”  this is also an awesome shoe.  Lots of cushion on the ball of your foot which help when running on your toes. I just hate how “bulky” they are. I prefer a slim fit when running, I don’t like to feel weighed down and unfortunately they’re pretty bulky in my opinion


  • The Warrior -15$ Amazon.com – The story is great, the acting is great, but most importantly the fights actually had wrestling, striking, and plenty of grappling.  I was really worried that it wouldn’t be realistic but as I’m watching the movie again as I’m writing this I’ve counted several armlocks, heel hook, sweeps, excellent takedowns, and they even threw in a cameo of Kurt Angle, lol great movie. Must see.

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