Andre Galvao’s critique on the IBJJF’s handling of the Pan Ams..

Well well well…I’m always pleased when notable figure speaks out instead of simply playing the fence.  I saw this on my facebook timeline, published by Andre Galvao March 31,2012:

Andre Galvao Fan Page – Official

Congrats to all competitors of the Pan American 2012. Good job guys. I was coaching my guys all day long. I saw a lot of good fights and competitors. The BJJ is going to the next level. But the IBJJF is doing a very huge mistake for having only 1 referee per mat. I see a lot of mistakes. I know the rules. I did my seminar rules with professor Alvaro Mansur.
    I think all matches should have 3 referees. It will be much better and more fair during the judgement of the points and decisions. Why just 3 refs for the finals and semi finals of the black belt? We got 3K competitors this year and the IBJJF don’t like to expend money with that. That is wrong. How the biggest organization of our sport still having this kind of mind. I think the IBJJF should start to think more about the athletes. 3K times $100 USD (registration fee) equals $300K Plus sponsors. So why? Why not? Some refs stays there all day long working on the mat. It is a lot of pressure.
    I understand when they have some mistakes over the decisions. It is sad. We can’t record the fights, we can’t have our images rights, we can’t put some fights on youtube because they don’t let us use our own image. Don’t you think something is wrong. That is crazy. I wanna to help my sport and I do my best for my sport. Did you guys see what happen with my student Jeremy? He fought 2 fights and they stopped calling him after that. They finished the brackets with out calling him. Then they finished the bracket and my student lost the Pan Ams “not losing” not fighting. They recognized the mistake but what about his life. He didn’t work, lose money, etc etc for it. This things can’t happen.
     The time schedule is perfect. But it is not enough. I can’t sleep tonight with out saying it. I hope the IBJJF understand me and I’m always here for helping my people. I will be fighting for my sport ever. Have a good night guys, God bless all you guys. “
I had nearly a similar incident happen to me over the weekend at the NAGA in Nashville. I was called over to my table, paid my money same as everyone. They ran my divsion, handed out medals, took a picture with the damn banner and once the table officials realized the mistakes they tried to hurriedly convince some of the girls to get back on the mat and compete against me. I was furious.
And for your viewing…and relevance…
One Response to “Andre Galvao’s critique on the IBJJF’s handling of the Pan Ams..”
  1. Georgette says:

    Daaaannng. Thanks for posting this. Your experience at NAGA is a crying shame. I know how hard it is to run tournaments (having worked at IBBJF ones like Houston, Pan and Mundials) and it’s stressful. I think Galvao is right– more refs, and there needs to be a better system for ring coordinators to run their brackets.

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