Gi Review: Kingz Kimono Female Cut

Last tuesday I saw the Kingz 420 Light Gi in Blue on sale at for 105$ and I mulled over the decision for nearly a day before deciding that it was a deal I simply could not pass on.  After shipping I only paid 110$.  The female sizes first attracted me to the offer. I’ve also wanted a darker gi for training purposes.  I also thought that it wouldn’t be a huge deal if a person gets blood on my gi or I forget to wash off my makeup.

I’m 155 lbs , 5ft 4in. I have a badonkadonk, and broad shoulders, and thighs for days.  I chose the F2

KINGZ Size Chart
5′ 0″  – 5′ 3″
90 – 120 lbs.
5′ 3″ – 5′ 6″
120 – 150 lbs.
5′ 6″ – 5′ 9″
150 – 180 lbs.
5′ 9″ – 6′ 0″
180 – 200 lbs.

F2 – 2lbs 14oz

Product Description from

“The Kingz Women’s gi is a 420 gram weight jacket top made of traditional pearl style weave material. This is a great competition and daily training gi.
 Ultra lightweight Preshrunk for an ideal fit Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points Quick dry and fully breathable

 GI JACKET FEATURES: Gis undergo a preshrinking process, reducing by 95% the shrinkage of the gi Logo trim on jacket bottom and cuffs Logo patch on shoulders and skirt Made of one piece fabric for superior strength and durability Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert, a single piece of vulcanized rubber inside the collar that keeps the gi light, dry faster and keep your lapel fungus an bacteria free.
 PANTS FEATURES: Stretch inseam panel for maximized leg and hip mobility 9oz cotton material, light yet extremely durable Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seam 6 Drawstring loops”

First Impression:

Taken . Meerkatsu reviewed both the 420 and 550 Kingz Kimonos. Pictured is the back of the 420 on him to display the gathering of fabricc.

Out of the bag: The gi was large.  It’s “light” but not nearly as light as my yellow Vulkan Ultra Light (RIP) but the same weight as my Koral Light.  I got the F2 expecting the jacket would be a little smaller however the sleeves reached out past my wrists.  There was gathering of fabric on the back of the jacket.  The pants were also very large/wide and I found myself perplexed by the “rashguard” like material on the crotch area of the gi pants. I’ll have to do some further research on how that will benefit myself particularly, if at all.  The pants were also long which I expected, it fits up to 5′ 6 and i’m 5’4 so that’s a given.

Light Drills Test: The gi was way too big out the bag so I washed it on cold and dryed it on med-low for about 20 minutes and LUCKILY it’s now just right.  Thank goodness.  I worked mostly guard passing and guard retention drills and it fit very close to a glove.  The pants are excellent and i’m quite happy with the top.  The sleeves now reach right at my wrists, the fabric still bunches in the back but it’s not nearly as much and I hardly noticed while at the gym.  I’m still unsure of how the elastic in the crotch area will benefit but I hardly noticed it was there.  The pants have the awesome  6 loop feature and for the hour and a half of training they didn’t slide down once.  The Kingz kimono is known for having a really long skirt and although the back half of the jacket seemed long (and conveniently covered all of my romp) the front part was not so short and often came undone.  Since I wear my belt right on the hips It was a nuisance to frequently tie my belt.

First Hard Class:Tonight we did competition training and I was super pumped to see how my new gi would hold up against someone going 150%.  It held up well for the most part.  I still had issues with the top coming undone every few minutes.  However the largest draw from the gi is about an hour into the class, before rolling had even commenced, I looked down and the circular Kingz patch was halfway undone with fuzz hanging out.  Thank goodness I noticed it early otherwise someone could’ve gotten a finger or who knows maybe even a toe caught at some point.  The patch appeared to be single stitched and I’m pretty displeased to see how easily that came undone. It kind of makes me wonder about the other patches on the gi. I’ll upload pics of this malfunction later.

UPDATED-Rating: 3 out of 5.  Only had the gi a month and I experienced the second rip.  This time near the crotch area’s stitching beside the mesh rash guard lining.  Emailed BJJHQ and they responded timely only i’ve been waiting 2 weeks and counting for replacement pants for the defective pair i have.  Kingz kimonos I hope they can step it up.

Previous Comment:”To be honest this could quickly become my favorite gi however I’m slightly nervous about whether or not it will hold up.. The price point was phenomenal. I was genuinely surprised once I finally did wash/dry the gi and saw how well the gi fit to my form.  The pants fit wonderfully and are very light. I would prefer that the jacket didn’t have the excess fabric.  The F2 is supposed to fit up to 150lbs and I weigh 155 . I still favor my Koral Light top but it’s still a really great fit.  I’m very pleased with this purchase and it’s nice to FINALLY spend my hard-earned money on a gi that ACTUALLY FITS, I just hope it lasts.  My boyfriend didn’t get it and he even stared at me for a bit while I googled at the gi in all its glory in front of the gym mirrors.  I’m hoping the gi will hold up during competition season.  My fingers are crossed.”

Ladies if you have the chance and some spare change I would highly recommend this gi.  Once again I paid for the gi, it wasn’t sent to me, i’m reviewing as a completely objective third party.  I would’ve loved to give a more in depth review with measurements of shrinkage and such but with being in college and finals week coming up I simply don’t have the time.  However if you would like my opinion on your stuff please send me a message 🙂 .  

4 Responses to “Gi Review: Kingz Kimono Female Cut”
  1. Kushi_tl says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a given that fits… this post was awesome! One question… how does it fit around during your hips? I am close to your height and weight. But my waist is 30″ and hip 42″. I have yet to find THE gi…


  2. Hank No Gi says:

    I had no idea that gis bigger in size could be made a bit smaller by washing it on cold water and dried on medium – low. Thank you for sharing it! Im interested in surprising my wife with Kingz gi on her birthday next week. F2 size is going to fit her perfectly She is 5′ 4″. Anyways… Im searching for it on BJJhq and i can’t find it on there so i was wondering if you could share a link?

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