Protect Ya Neck

This title serves many purposes.  For one I’m an avid Wu-Tang Clan fan but lately I’ve been looking long and hard at adding some gi chokes into my game.  THankfully Youtube.Com has this awesome new feature, “watch later” and I’ve added 200 BJJ matches …and counting but 200 is the limit and I’ve come across dozens of variations to basic cross collar chokes.

Check out this awesome choke courtesy of one of my favorite grapplers Mackenzie Dern:

These past few weeks training intensity has increased and the gym environment is changing as well.  The Grapplers Quest/Columbus, Ohio is 20 days away and so far the only teammates that are going are the girls lol Shannon, Myself, and possible Sara our newest and most consistent attendee at Women’s Class is considering competiting and shannon and I are thrilled.  I’m really hoping that some of the guys will venture up with us as the company during the drive is half the fun.  We’ve also started competition style rolling which has been tough but fun.  Last thursday Josh hand picked the pairs and each group started from standing while he scored the matches.  There were no more than two pairs on the mats while everyone else watched or shouted directions and help me personally recreate the tournament atmosphere as I had very specific objectives to accomplish while rolling.  I think it was an excellent exercise for some of the newer guys that are considering competing so they know just what they’re getting themselves into.

I’ve been analyzing the Grapplers Quest to adjust my game in according to what I’m ‘allowed’ to do and I was happy to see that in my division (intermediate/blue belt) both wristlocks and kneebars are allowed. I’ve been seeing both much more lately.  Specifically Angelica Galvao in all of hr greatness actually inspired me to consider chaining more wristlocks to certain submissions.  Here’s an excellent example during her match that won her the 2011 Worlds…

School is almost over and I’m one step closer to training and blogging more. One thing I was a little bummed about last class was the patch nearly ripping off of my brand new Kingz Kimono gi. First night wearing it and it was already having dysfunctions which was disheartening.  Well I better wrap this post up I have a paper to write and then I’m going running, gotta make sure my physical condition is where it needs to be.  I’m still so excited to have Sara represent in the beginners division, Myself rep in the intermediate, and Shannon rep in the advanced division.  Keep your fingers crossed I’m hoping if everything goes well at the tournament in May it’ll be easier to get the attention of sponsors or giving persons that will eventually help me finance competiting at the Pan’s No Gi championships in October o_O Yep I’m aiming high this year.


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