Have no fear Luiz Palhares Knee on Belly details are here

First I greatly apologize for the lag in posts. My finals week was last week and I had no time for anything and believe me when I say I made time for Jiu Jitsu.  This weekend I’m competing at Grapplers Quest and mentally this is the best I’ve felt, technically I’m feeling pretty good.  I always feel like there’s something that can use improving and I think that’s a healthy attitude for jiu jitsu.  Lord knows I’d be worried if there was a day where I felt like all the bjj growing was done.  The environment at the gym is getting better and better.  We have soooo many new guys but their growing fast and are appealing so i’m hoping they stick with it.  I watched a few of them roll at last night’s Gi Class and they are getting very tehnical very fast.

I have so many topics I want to catch everyone up on and I wish I knew where to start.

I’ll give brief samples of crazy life and then longer posts are soon to come.

Yesterday I attended an awesome seminar by black belt Luiz Palhares, he provided very useful details on the Knee on Belly position (which I felt I was a huge hole in my game), self defense, and some takedowns as well.  It was a 3hr seminar and it was great to see some familiar faces as well as so many new faces.

Seminar Details:

Self Defense: Pinned against a wall scenarios (headlock, “rape choke”, fists pinning chest)

Take downs: drop seo nage series

Knee on Belly: KOB to both sides, movement drills, situational drills, KOB-> nearside armbar, KOB-> cross collar choke, KOB-> farside armbar

Guard Passes: variations where the person has 4 finger grips on both sleeves

Useful tips:
  • from side control get the near side thumb in collar grip, transition to a strong knee on belly (leg based out forpressure, knee/foot on belly OFF THE MAT), switch thumb on collar grip to the alternate hand by getting a deeeeeeeeeep inside collar grip.
  • If the person defends by pushing towards your knee go to farside armbar or cross collar grip.
  • If the nearside arm is exposed an the person is turning away from your knee then get the fabric by the elbow, pull the arm up , leg over face, leg behind shoulder blade and finish w/ or w/o gripping their leg for support.
It pleases me that the schools are growing so rapidly and the new people are picking technique up fast!  Most recently I was rolling with a guy and afterwards I told him a few ways to pass my guard and he looked at me suspiciously to which I told him that I needed him to progress and to challenge me, otherwise neither of us would grow.  His guard passing would improve and I’d be forced to work on my guard retention.

I’m also in better spirits because I’ve finally moved away from the filthy cat lady.  I think my recent move has done wonders for my mood entirely.  PSA: Please don’t use pets as a crutch or an excuse to be filthy and impose your filth on other people. It’s simply not nice.

I was pretty down in the dumps over the past month or so over some very upsetting revelations about comments a fellow ‘team member’ has made about me with no provocation.  I’ll give that incident it’s own post because there’s a lot to get across on that one.  But overall things are looking up.  I have a few concerns about the Grapplers Quest but I’m hopeful.  I did recently learn that the event is NOT FREE for all women.  Apparently that offer was placed on that page mistakenly but I am pleased to say that Mr. Brian Crimins/GQ Director contacted me and agree to sponsor myself and the other ladies from our association.  Thank you kindly sir.

—this has nothing to do with this post, i just want to make it known that i LOVE to watch Angelica Galvao compete.  She gives me lots of ideas

I think I’m most excited to watch one of our ladies’ class participants Sara compete.  She is the wife of one of the blue belts that has trained for years (Big Mike, another gentle giant) and is not only motivated by her husband but her kids also train. Man you gotta love the bjj families that train, that is something I truly admire.  Anyways she has been dealing with a lot including the recent passing of her father to cancer and I just really admire her strength through everything.  The week he passed she was on the mat dealing with it the best she could and I just hope that this coming weekend she is able to enjoy herself the most.  Hell even if I lose all my matches, if she wins her division or at least does her best, the 5.5 hour drive will be so worth it.


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