Emotions ran high at the Mundials/BJJ Worlds 2012

Between Andre Galvao’s outburst seen round the world and Rodolfo & Ana’s tears the world’s was an emotion packed weekend.   I decided that I’m going to buy it this weekend when they finish the replays.  That way I can watch it in its entirety but from the awesome updates provided by Graciemag and short matches on Youtube by Budovideos, I stayed in the loop as much as possible.  Here are a few of my favorite moments/matches.  Granted this will continuously update as more matches become available.

One thing is for certain after watching worlds I cannot help but want that feeling, that adrenaline, that achievement.  I’ve lost 7 lbs already and am happily on weight for my weight division at the Chicago Open. Which means….*drumroll*….I will NOT be stressing so much on my weight that I lose focus on technique.  For the next 9 weeks I will be all TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE.

Mackenzie Dern/Brown Belt’s finish w/ my favorite choke!!

The INFAMOUS Buchecha v. Rodolfo Viera …I felt watching this match that I couldn’t blink for fear I’d miss out on the simplest, technical advancement

Purple belt final-

XANDE v. RODOLFO enough said

This video made me tear up, don’t blame me blame the hormones.  It’s Rodolfo’s reaction to his sister Ana Viera’s world win at blue belt.  Scroll to the last-minute and a half and you’ll see what I mean

Here is an awesome compilation of most of the champions on their accounts of their performances at Worlds..Read it and weep ..or rather read it and hope.  Click Here for the Graciemag Article

This video is a little ghetto, and may be removed from Youtube by Budovideos BUT for the time being here’s Bruno malfacine’s first match, check out the passing and movement!!

and finally here’s an interesting account of the ref’s decisions. I thought It was kind of cool and theatrical the way they decided but ultimately you see what happens when a person is tired and has a brief moment of lapse in recognizing left from right


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