Supplements won’t make you a World champion

Supplements won’t make you a world champion.
Over the past few months one thing has become more and more apparent with each training session.  I’ve met so many guys/girls that want to fight MMA, compete, or be a world champion.  It is evident to me that none of these things can be accomplished without good old fashioned hard work.  These days there seems to be a marketed supplement for everything.  From advertised stronger grips, better cardio, etc. they are called supplements for a reason. They SUPPLEMENT whatever training you’re currently doing. 
I‘m not anti-supplement, SOME are good.  Complete dependence on them as an alternative to doing physicial work=bad. Each day I’m witnessing individuals place way too much emphasis on said supplements and fall into bad lazy habits. On Sunday I met a guy who is in the process of cutting 30lbs for a fight. Yes 30lbs and it’s not a title fight, it’s a “just-because” fight which there’s nothing wrong with but to commit to such a weight cut takes hard discipline, hard work, and perseverance.  He literally asked what supplement will help him lose weight, get better cardio, be better all around.  I looked at him in disbelief as he was dead serious. I simply responded there is no supplement that’s just going to GIVE you better cardio you have to ACTUALLY work for it.         
If there’s one thing that frustrates me it’s the lack of awareness, or flat disregard of what is required to be adequately prepared for an event.  I get that we’re not all cross fit certified but some activity is better than no activity.  Maybe I feel so strongly about this because I know firsthand how it feels to half-ass train, compete with an inflated head, and be humiliated.  The worst feeling is the fact that you KNEW that you could’ve done more and you made the conscious decision to slack and now you’ve failed in front of your friends and family. 
 I know there’s a big thing right now about how you’re a winner before you even step on the mat.  I don’t believe in that philosophy 100%.  I believe you are not a true warrior if you did not go above and beyond to prepare for battle.  If you are lazy you do not deserve it.        
 I am not perfect but I think that those who compete or commit to fights without training properly or adequately cast poor shadows upon their gyms and teammates. Supplements won’t make you a world champion. They don’t make you.  Your teammates make you, endless hours drilling and mat time make you.  Mental toughness and determination make you.
**I do not blog to offend, If I did I apologize.  If insensitive let me know.
One Response to “Supplements won’t make you a World champion”
  1. Ronnie Brown says:

    This is an outstanding post. Short & concise, very well thought-out and I love the point you make about lack of awareness. There’s an abundance of it in BJJ and MMA, especially regarding strength/ conditioning/ health/ fitness, and definitely even more regarding sports & dietary supplements. Supplements can and do help (given you use the right ones), but you’re 100% accurate: they don’t make the fighter. Everyone wants to rely on them for at least 99% of their progress, lol.

    Excellent work. Keep it up.



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