4 Matches and two battle axes later…

After staying up till 5am studying for this math final I have dug my way out from underneath my academic responsibilities and have time to put a little more love into my blog. 

In recent news I went to compete at the Extreme Grappling Open, saturday July 21,2012 in Spring Hill, which is right outside of Nashville,Tn.  I competed in both gi and no gi and were accompanied by several teammates including my significant other.

The Highs:

  • Had 4 matches and I won all of them. 2 submission,2 points
  • I won TWO battle axes lol
  • Got free gear from Bangtown Fightwear
  • Got wonderful idea of my holes, strenghts & weaknesses.
  • Resisted the urge to get “comfortable” in favor of staying aggressive and pushing the pace.
  • Met some really cool girls.
  • Committed to warming up properly and it really helped w/ the competition nerves
  • All of my teammates competed very well, including brandon (purple belt since Jan 2012) he beat a brown belt in the no gi expert division, finished 1st in the mens advanced and 3rd in mens expert (go babe!).


  • I was the ONLY blue belt female. BUT that did mean that all the girls I went against really brought it. I had great technical matches.
  • Some would consider this a high but I’m on the fence. My first match I got the mount, kept tight pressure, and the girls freakin rib popped. She tapped but ref didn’t see so I did the sportsmanlike thing and simply got up.  Even though he was a little late I could tell she was seriously hurt. Scared me and made me feel bad as well.
  • Did stupid things that I shouldn’t have. Of course the solution=DRILL MORE. Which I’m working on.
  • no gi division. I wish it never happened. Another guilty moment and will get it’s own blog post.  Only one other girl in intermediate but there was a 40lb weight diff I was the heavier person.  I could tell all over her face she did not want to compete and yet she was put ont he spot and gave in.  I even told the girl that I was perfectly fine and completely understood if she didn’t want to compete against me.  Instead she did, I won with an arm triangle and afterward I found out she was 13. 13 years old and less than 120 lbs.  I really wish that someone had stepped in and not allowed that match to occur.
2 Responses to “4 Matches and two battle axes later…”
  1. SavageKitsune says:

    I can’t believe they gave you BATTLE AXES. That is so freakin’ cool.

    As far as fighting the 13 year old and 40lb lighter girl- yeah, that’s a toughie. I think I would have gone ahead and fought her if she wanted to do it, but I would have been really careful to neither injure her nor humiliatingly annihilate her. I’ve had some practice rolling with preteens in one of my schools, though, so I know how to give them a safe match and let them work a little. It can be hard if you don’t have that type of experience.

    A 12YO girl (who looked much older) from one of my schools got put up against a teenage boy in a comp, and the ref (who luckily was the teacher of the 12YO) put her hand on the boy’s shoulder before they started, and looked him quite somberly in the eye and said, “She’s 12, dude.” The teen got the message and refrained from juicing her.

    Rib pop- it happens. As long as you weren’t doing anything douche-y, and got up as soon as she tapped, I don’t think you need feel too guilty over that. I would have apologized to her… but it happens. I punched a girl in the face during a BJJ comp. It was a total accident and we both knew it, but I froze in place right there and exclaimed “Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” and waited till she said she was okay and ready to continue. Apologized again as we were shaking hands after the match. Things happen.

  2. slideyfoot says:

    I would be soooo much more excited to win a battle axe than a medal. Cool!

    If they ever start giving out double-ended glaives, I might actually have to start competing just for that. 😉

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