This is what happens when Animal Kingdom meets Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

IMG_20121213_205942_949Sunday we went Christmas tree shopping because we are the ultimate procrastinators.  While shopping we stumbled across these gems (see pic above) and laughed profusely at the silly images.  It wasn’t until we got a little closer that realized that the crazy animal images were printed on rash guards. The planning began. 7 rashguards , and quite a few dollars later….

Big Mike Garms & Jimmy Koper (who got his purple belt last weekend)

Big Mike Garms & Jimmy Koper (who got his purple belt last weekend)

We based our selections on physical as well as personality traits and everyone appeared to like them, or at least eh idea, and were great sports about it.  Altogether we had a black panther (me), owl, tiger, wolf, bear, wolf pack, and beers/kegs…which was completely unrelated but the only small the store had left.  Luckily Shannon got a good laugh from that.

Does your gym/team do anything for the holiday season?  This is the first time we’ve ever done any type of gift exchange and granted it wasn’t organized by the group but it felt good to give a little.  I think next year we’ll suggest doing a small secret Santa.

My main objective with this project was to simply give everyone a good laugh.  BJJ is so competitive and at times can be very rough.  Sometimes the gym gets a little too serious and causes some tempers to flare, or may even cause others to have stagnant games as they’re too afraid to try anything different because they feel like they will “lose”.  I think it’s important to keep the laughter in the gym for the sake of camaraderie.  Yes we’re rolling for submissions but at the end of the day if there isn’t any camaraderie or sense of family then what really is keeping me here..right?

Here are some more pictures to give you a little boost when you’re feeling down.  We’re hoping that these rash guards will resurface periodically during training to help keep it light in the gym.  Do you partake in any activities to lessen the tension at your gym?


The instructor went over standing counters to if someone grabs for neck or side of your head, emphasizing the shoulder bump.

We also went over a nifty armbar setup from north south as well as PASSING THE GUARD!!!

I don’t know if I’ve just gotten better on top or what but for me personally I’m finding that being on top is so much easier. I’ve finally figured out how to roll slower but still be as effective and THANK GOD it’s so much easier on my body.  Going 100 mph is not healthy and it took me nearly three years to get out of auto pilot. IMG_20121213_211618_201

I partnered with Jimmy/wolf man tonight for much of the technique and he worried a lot about being heavier than me (I think he’s around 180) and placing pressure on me during the pass.  I don’t know if it’s because I have little man syndrome but lately I’ve really enjoyed rolling with the larger guys especially Danny and Big john (pictured above in bear rash guard).  I love playing top game on the larger guys.  I can’t really explain it but they’re more fun to roll with sometimes.  That’s not to say that everyone else isn’t but they don’t typically work crazy inverted guards and more than anything my technique has to be right otherwise they smother me.


IMG_20121213_205518_333IMG_20121213_211044_101Rounds were set at 3 minutes since technique went a little longer but helped in getting to roll with more people.  I suspect with tournaments approaching in March that the round times will increase pretty soon.  A lot of the guys are going to be getting ready for MMA fights as well soon so  I’m looking forward to the pace picking up soon.

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  1. Very Interesting! It isn’t easy to find quality stuff.

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