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  1. Anonymous says:

    GOD bless you Apryl, you are an inspiration to me and should be to every woman. It is amazing how situations turn out, in spite of your choice GOD has given you a testimony that has strengthened you. You were not satisfied in your appearance or just wanted a little enhancement and now thru your journey you are truly blessed, I say that because I heard you this morning on Tom Joiner telling your story and it stopped me in my tracks. Your spiritualism came thru your words. I look in the mirror at 62 years young, and cannot find my youth, for a while it bothered me but I thought back in the days when I could turn any head, what I was missing most was my connection with GOD. I now know that beauty is in the eye of GOD. I realize that I am the most beautiful that I will have ever been and as I age my beauty can only improve because the LIGHT OF GOD shines thru me, I have a connection, a LOVE for GOD that surpasses anything on this earth. I wish you every blessing and thank you for sharing your story! Ms. J. Kelly

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