I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post so I am sharing Julia’s take on this hot topic!!!!

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So there’s a bit of debate raging on the Internet about an article by Keith Owen, a Pedro Sauer black belt called Can Women Really Handle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Spoiler alert: Here was my face as I read the article. But wait – there’s actually a professional reason for this, in addition to the emotional one! Read on!

Not surprisingly, there’s a “healthy debate” over on Reddit about the article, with 143 comments and counting. Similarly, there’s a reaction piece called Women Can Handle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Edited to add more related posts: the Bullshido thread on this, Reeseny’s post on it, SheBeast’s article agreeing with him, Inner BJJ’s take on it, A Skirt on the Mat’s post with the great 300 quote “Clearly you don’t know our women.”
Leaahh wrote a great article including the line “Stop making me responsible for my entire gender.”

There are two levels I…

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