Don’t believe the hype! Some big names like Shoyoroll & Moya Brand are NOT always IBJJF approved

At the Chicago Open I saw several dozen people turned away because their uniforms were NOT IBJJF approved despite company advertisement.  Given the number of people that I saw swapping uniforms with their teammates mid competition I’m going to list a few that I saw repeatedly get turned down. I’ll update as I find more images of the specific ones that I saw.  But the two big names that were a no-go were Shoyoroll and Moya Brand.

**I can’t attest to whether or not a brand is advertising falsely or if they are simply unaware if their products are not passing the inspections.  I am in no way implying that either brands have done so.   An official from Moyabrand has contacted me and they are aware that these instances have taken place.  I would think their next step would be to follow-up directly with the ibjjf. Hopefully that happens since they are upset with what I’ve posted.  But if they chose to not follow up with the organization to personally verify if a particular item is approved or not after their customers have experienced issues at tournaments then I think that is an issue.

Good rule of thumb if there’s any color on the rashguard that is NOT your belt rank and not explicitly apart of the logo do not count on it getting past.  I feel like a lot of it has to do with who is doing the inspections.  I heard a lot of people complain that their rashguard passed for previous IBJJF event but it’s best to just play it safe and get a more “traditional” style piece.  Hope this helps. There were a couple bad boy rashguards that were turned away as well but the manufacturer doesn’t advertise that they’re ok so I did not input them.

Moya Brand Black Longsleeve Rashguard -60$ NOT APPROVED. Witnessed a couple furious black belts that stated the "site" said it was ok but the officials weren't budging **2014 update:they are still advertising it as approved and it is NOT** beware folks.

Moya Brand Black Longsleeve Rashguard -60$ NOT APPROVED. Witnessed a couple furious black belts that stated the “site” said it was ok but the officials weren’t budging
**2014 update:they are still advertising it as approved and it is NOT** beware folks.

Shoyoroll “Gentle Art” Rashguarg is NOT APPROVED, none of the belt ranks of this specific type were approved. I heard several ring coordinators say the rainbow art in the center of the chest is why. I saw more than a dozen of these get the axe.

14 Responses to “Don’t believe the hype! Some big names like Shoyoroll & Moya Brand are NOT always IBJJF approved”
  1. Now that is very disappointing, I hope IBJJF, starts implementing an online list of their approved competitor’s attire. (Complete with a simple and clear process for manufacturers on how to get on that list -hopefully also online).

    • Jay says:

      Im from California and I have seen black belts wear this rashguard previously here. I think it has something to do with different IBJJF Workers in Different states. It worked out here in Cali.

    • shakiaharris says:

      now I think that would be a great idea!! it would lead to some congestion at the bull pen but cool suggestion

  2. Georgette says:

    Part of the problem with the SYR pants was embroidery on the shin. It was approved by the IBJJF for size A3 gis, but when they scaled down to smaller gis, the embroidery comes too low/close to the hem.

  3. Nicholle says:

    My coach’s clinch gear Gi got the axe at Pan Ams as well. I always bring a spare or two – just in case!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think the IBJJF should quit acting like a bunch of bitches.. no wonder Kron Gracie left

  5. LA KOLORS says:

    i think the IBJJF should quit acting like a bunch of bitches.. no wonder Kron Gracie announced he wouldnt be competing in their events anymore.. looks like we aint the only one with common sense to see theyre full of shit

  6. Jay says:

    True, but I have seen both of the above rashguards in competitions here is So Cal under the IBJJF, its not about hype, because both brands, have a great following and would not mis lead to sell a product. I think its more an internal issue with the IBJJF. I once seen someone here in at the pans, wear a turquoise rashguard and he was allowed through. Im a photographer at the tounaments, so I see it all,.

  7. shakiaharris says:

    You are absolutely right. and I will copy and past the email I sent back to Moya Brand in its entirety for further explanation:

    You should forward your email to Luca with the ibjjf and he or another IBJJF official may be able to explain more in depth why the Black belt series rashguard with the red block coloring on the sides was rejected at March 2013 Chicago open. Several competitors were turned away at the last minute even though they were adamant that they had previously competed in it. I would suggest you contact them at When several competitors were upset with the inconsistency of certain rashguards being allowed at a tournament from last year but not in Chicago the officials were unmoved. They apologized for confusion but stated that per the rules only rank coloring was allowed and the red coloring was not allowed per the official rules. I witnessed the issue escalated from the Ring Coordinators/Gi inspectors to tournament officials.

    If I receive notification from the IBJJF or speak with them at the next event I work that they have revised their rules and will allow the rashguard then I will gladly revise. I’m sorry that you are upset but I wrote the post after watching dozens of people turned away. Preventing those situations was my primary concern. My article is not misleading it can be argued that the IBJJF rules and the consequential interpretation of those rules by officials is misleading but I reported fact.

    Many thanks for your time, have a great day.
    [end of email]
    ***If you read the IBJJF rules this rashguard is not technically approvd, unfortunately for all of us we can’t always count on consistency when it comes to rules interpretation.

    The moral of my post is to NOT take a company’s word for it that their item will be approved. It’s to always do your homework to cover your own behind. The iibjjf especially is always updating/revising their policies and whenever you’re making an investment in a product it’s important to review it’s quality and whether it can be used for its intended purpose.

    I think that MoyaBrand should contact the IBJJF, forward them pictures of the product, if they say it’s approved then I think it would be the right thing to do to keep advertising the item as approved however if they do not contact them and choose to keep approved on the listing then I feel I would be incredibly dishonest to not warn people that while it might be a good training item others have had issues passing inspections with it.

  8. shakiaharris says:

    To cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s here’s the excerpt from the IBJJF rules:
    “Shirt of elastic fabric (clings to body) at a length that covers the shorts’ waist band, of black or white color, and displaying
    at least 10% of the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs. Shirts that are 100% the color of the rank (belt)
    the athlete belongs to are also acceptable.”
    -The officials stated that any other colors if not apart of the logo was not allowed. That is why the moya brand one was turned away. That was pretty straightforward.
    I was thoroughly confused about the shoyoroll because at first it looked like the colorful lightning bolts were apart of the logo.

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  1. […] Shakia has a great point on her blog:  some brands that claim to be IBJJF approved may have at one point had products that fell in line with the Federation’s regulations, but if you go to a tournament say, tomorrow, they will not pass the uniform check. I tend to treat the IBJJF uniform check  a little like going through the TSA at the airport- I obey begrudgingly, a little anxious they will keep me from getting to my final destination. The usual standards are still there: make sure your collar and belt aren’t frayed, your sleeves and pant legs are the proper length, and all your patches are fastened to your gi, and finally your gi has to be primarily a solid white, blue or black. A little trim of color shouldn’t be a problem- a collar a completely different color will not work however. For no-gi, your rash guard can be black or white with at least 10% of your belt color, and then any academy logos and the logo of the company, I think within the lines of the text of the company’s logo…let me know if that didn’t make sense. […]

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