IBJJF New York Int’l Open: Silver Medalist

I competed in the female blue belt medium heavy division this past weekend (April 20,2013) in New York and earned 2nd place in my weight class. I also competed in the open weight but was unsuccessful in medalling. Nevertheless this was by far the greatest opportunity I’ve had to compete.  Now bear with me because every tournament I say it was the ‘best opportunity I’ve had,’ but I REALLY mean it this time 🙂 . I want to thank teammate Caleb P. and Modern Automotive for helping with the travel costs. I knew that New York would be a tough crowd but man was I surprised just by the pure talent and technique that was displayed.551398_10200386718843420_684855006_n


This was an overwhelming experience to say the least.  I’m glad I had my coach there with me to help wrangle my nerves.  Before my division commenced I got my uniform on, got a good sweaty warm up going, and just found it incredibly difficult to conceal my joy of simply making it there.  I was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to my teammates for helping me compete.  I had Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie bumping me as they passed and for a grappler from Kentucky it was just a surreal moment all around. 908999_10152812204270160_2132473156_nIn my division alone there were only three of us which was a drag but even so I managed to have 3 matches and those girls weren’t newbies. I secured second place with a clock choke. I lost to points by an extremely talented competitor. I must say it is always refreshing to be challenged in different aspects by different people. I also entered in the Open division and my first match was against Michelle Welti but she got the pass and mount and by the time I was able to escape all time had elapsed. Another great learning opportunity. I’m so thankful to Modern Automotive for helping me with travel expenses because my pockets have taken a huge hit with Chicago, New York, and now I’ve registered for worlds. Everyone complains about how expensive it is to compete and with good reason. 911882_10152812457235160_1002826450_nEven though I’m out hundreds of dollars this crazy bjj ride has worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Oh and did I mention that I got to meet or gawk from afar Renzo Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, and Emily Kwok to name a few.  Last but not least I finally got to me bjj blog extraordinaire Georgette Oden!! She is just as nice as I had anticipated. One of the most concerned ring coordinators at that. Hopefully we meet again at more events. After this event I’m the 50th ranked female blue belt…which I want top 20 for sure. Lets see if medalling at the Worlds can get me there 🙂 travel info:


view from the Asiatic Hotel

On this trip I stayed at the Asiatic Hotel in Flushing, NY and It was GREAT.  Doesn’t look like anything special from the outside but it is brand new, hardwood floors in the room, great decor, nice bathroom, but it is near the JFK airport so if you’re a light sleeper you might have some problems.  Because of noise I’d rate it 4 of 5 starts, for real.  Beware though while the staff was really helpful, hardly anyone in the super packed neighborhood spoke English so if you need some help have a smart phone in hand. I also stayed at the Hampton Inn in Linden, NJ and it was the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at, point-blank. Period. However I do find their billing really sketchy because after I checked out I got an alert for an extra 50.00 charge from the Hampton Inn and they never advised me of it.  So I called them and they gave me some weird story about “incidentals,” never describing what that was but ensuring me the credit would not be applied.  Hmmm.  Definitely going to keep an eye out on that one.

One Response to “IBJJF New York Int’l Open: Silver Medalist”
  1. Georgette says:

    Girl, it was awesome to meet you in person finally. I was very impressed watching you on and off the mats– really classy, technical, friendly but all business. Those girls at Worlds better watch out! Don’t forget, if you work the Worlds that’s $500 in your pocket and you can still compete. Ping me for more info.

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