Review: 134$ Vulkan Ultra Light Gi

I’m doing a quick review of the Vulkan Ultra Light Gi because there are few reviews about the longevity of this product.  I had to retire m Vulkan Ultra LIght Gi after less than a year.  Needless to say I was not pleased about this.

I ordered the Yellow, A0 gi, and my primary use was for training. Since I ordered yellow I could not compete in it but at the time our gym didn’t have a/c so I thought an ultra light gi would be the best route.

vulkan1First some specs:

Retail: 134.98$

Vulkan Gis are made of Honey Comb Weaved Fabric and Rubber Lapel providing lightness, quality and faster drying. The Ultra Light model is even lighter than the Pro light, it weights about 2.6 lbs. It is the best option if you are close to being over the weight limit of your division at tournaments.

  • Competition Gi (Approved by IBJJF)

VULKAN GIS ARE 100% PRE-SHRUNK so there are no worries about shrinkage.

Original BJJ Gi , Made In Brazil.

*Belts are NOT included

Vulkan kimonos weight ( aprox ) by size: A0 = 2.4 lbs A1 = 2.6 lbs A2 = 2.8 lbs A3 = 3.1 lbs A4 = 3.6 lbs A5 = 4.0 lbs “

When I ordered the gi I was about 150 lbs and still 5ft 3in.

vulkan2First Impression: Can be found HERE .  I bought the Gi in March of 2011 but I still get soooo many questions about it so here’s my input.  Out the box the gi was gorgeous and soft, I’m talking baby soft.  The top ran a bit small for my liking, the sleeves came a an inch below my wrists, and I’m built like a tree stump. I blame myself for not going a size up. I really had to monitor the washing.  I liked the snug fit of the back of the top as most tops I tried on were bulky.  There was not a lot of excess fabric which was a plus.

The bottoms fit like bottoms of an A2 to be honest.  They were way too big. Again I’m 155lbs 5ft 3in.  I have very thick thighs and they had plenty of breathing room.  Also because they did not use a rope like drawstring these pants came undone often during rolls. Again my short and stumpy-ness could be at fault as well. I tried to dry these pants but I could not get them to shrink nearly as well as the top ended up shrinking.

With any ultra light gi longevity is a factor, especially when the gi is worn regularly.   10 gis later this gi is by far the lightest gi I’ve ever owned or trained in. If it weren’t for the pants it would feel as if I was rolling in street clothes. That is to say until I started sweating.

here’s a video of me rolling in the gi, note the fit


One aspect of the top that I did not like was that when I would get really sweaty the sleeves stretched a great deal.  I think it’s softness made it easier for opponents to make grips and the stretch made it difficult to break grips. As I trained I could feel the fabric of the pants stretching and the pants eventually ripped below the knee reinforcement on my left leg after about 7 months.  Now this could be contributed to many things: construction, weather, customer use, washing/drying, super strong opponent? lol I’m not really sure why they didn’t last. It was probably a combination of many things but I was very sad and tried to have it fixed but it just kept ripping in the same spot. I even paired the top with alternate bottoms but then the collar/lapel began to fray as well.

If I decided to purchase another vulkan I will try to find one of a different cut  for the top & pants in addition to finding a gi that is slightly heavier than the ultra light gi.  If you’re in the market for a really light bjj competition gi I think that this gi in competition friendly colors would get the job done. I would use it sparingly so that it lasted longer. If you wanted to drop a weight classes without dropping extra pounds I’d go the ultralight way, however if you want a gi that you can train in 3-5x a week, every week, I’d look at something else.

Like I previously stated I was pleased with the gi at first . However the cut was not complimentary to my body type.  Maybe I’ll give their female cut gis a try instead.

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