Nothing to lose…

A couple weeks ago I suffered an injury that kept me out of training for a bit and left me unable to perform a lot of daily tasks. Close to that time I also got into a fender bender that cost me my entire travel fund for worlds. Exactly one week ago I decided that it was just not possible to go. Not only was I experiencing severe pain and frustration physically but emotionally and mentally I just couldn’t figure out how I could make it work and by myself at that. To be honest I’m not sure what triggered the shift but something hit me a few days ago and with the encouragement of two of my teammates I decided that I had nothing to lose. Literally, yeah I’m falling to pieces and have no money to my name. But, I’ve already paid for it, I love going and working the events, this could be the one true time that I’m 100% motivated by fun and experience. Even though I hate to admit it, most times I’m motivated by the medal and it stresses me out!

I can picture a million different ways that this could play out. However of all the tournaments I’ve done I’ve never once gone, “Man I really regret spending the money…or going.” I’m excited to get away, be among friends, and just have fun. If you see me there I promise it’ll be with a smile on my face, no matter what. I know that’s not the typical beasty-hulk smash-warrior spirit like ramblings that are present during this time of year, but …oh well.Image 

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