Combat Corner Grappling Spats -Review/My fav training item-

GT-2TCombat Corner Grappling Spats

Size: Small

Price:$50 & below

I’m 5’4, 155lbs, female w/ junk in my trunk. I have a size small and it fits great! I typically wear a medium or size 9 in pants/jeans. I was sent these spats several months ago and I LOVE them. When I received them in the mail I just laid in my bed and rolled around a bit because they are so comfortable. 10336607_10154705279590160_530789417378449214_n

Also my beagle mix sheds like crazy and dog hair does NOT stick to them. This is an issue I have with the running tights I purchase from Target or Old Navy. While the price point  is nice, these ‘running tights’ are thicker, usually have zippers, and unfortunately I look like a human lint roller by the time I make it to class. These Combat Corner Grappling Spats however make me look very ‘official’ and like I ‘know what I’m doing’ lol.


  • Great fit
  • Light, sturdy material
  • Aesthetically pleasing/ They’re HOT
  • no muffin top, bunching around the waist
  • Washer/Dryer Safe
  • Decent Price
  • No human lint brush action (pet hair slides right off it)

10702045_10154705278520160_2182198592587888997_nInitially I was worried about the length of the spats because I’m short but it doesn’t bunch at the ankles at all. These spats are extremely light, soft, and cute. They do not make me have a muffin top during class & I don’t have to readjust them at all.

I can shoot double legs without being bothered. I can also jog in formation and not have to worry about my badonkadonk  bouncing all over the place. I wear these spats to BJJ class, mountain biking, to college classes, and I go grocery shopping in these.

The folks in Kroger are jealous, I can tell. I’ve received compliments from athletes and normies alike. These grappling spats provide me with the comfort of sweat pants without the feeling of ratchetness associated with wearing them in public.


  • The material on the backside is slightly sheer
  • They are not IBJJF approved

1545882_10154705269765160_8019229162486774379_nAs great as these spats are there is a catch. I must emphasize this because it took a couple of training sessions before I noticed it. Attention Ladies, when you are dressing in the comfort of your own home it would appear that you can wear anything beneath these tights without being exposed.

Be aware that the backside is a bit sheer under fluorescent lighting (oh yes the dreadful gym lights show it all), therefore no light (white/pastels) panties and especially ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES wear underwear with lettering lol. No one at the gym wants to look at “sexy,” “taken,” or the word “love” on your rump. Other than having to choose my undergarments wiser than with other bottoms, these spats are amazing!! Not only do they make your bottom bits look really good but it feels and performs great as well.

The red color block detailing on the ankle prohibit these tights from being worn during IBJJF no-gi competitions. However any other grappling tournament…anywhere will allow them so this isn’t a real deterrent. Moreso it’s simply something to be mindful. In any case Combat Corner has several IBJJF approved rashguards and some board shorts (Pro MMA2.0, eco, and their vale tudos)f or no-gi if you’re in the market.

Want to see the Combat Corner Grappling Spats & Rashguard in action? Check out the vid below 🙂 Happy training!

2 Responses to “Combat Corner Grappling Spats -Review/My fav training item-”
  1. Ceej Lewis says:

    I am enjoying your articles. They are refreshing and entertaining. Are you still blogging? Are you still training?

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