Pregnancy & BJJ :Weeks 5-8

We know. I mean, WE. KNOW. I had been feeling sick for weeks, but I have bad allergies and a recent minor health scare. I had symptoms that made me there was no baby so I didn’t panic. It wasn’t until I couldn’t eat my favorite foods without feeling nauseous that I decided to buy a test. I went to walgreens, bought a test, and two bottles of wine to celebrate no baby…I frequently worry for nothing. Took the first test…positive. Went to a painting class with my boyfriend and his parents. I took the second test there…positive. At this point I’m panicking. Quick Kroger stop because I’m tired of interpreting those stupid lines. Took third test…positive. At this point I’m at a full blown mental breakdown, emotional wildwoman, and trying ot hold it all together at our family dinner. After dinner I tell my boyfriend, if you include wailing and throwing three test at him, “telling”. We go to another store to get different test, the kind with words. Sure enough, positive. I think by the end of the weekend I took 7 tests.

Obligatory Dr. visit, ultrasound, and hearing of heartbeat followed. I trained the next week but this is when the true panic set in. I searched all over the web and couldn’t find anything inclusive regarding training and pregnancy. Most everything I found detailed how they “felt”. I needed to know what I could, couldn’t, should, and shouldn’t do while training. My doctor said not to lift anything heavier than 20lbs (BOO!!!!!), and other than that I found crickets.

My first training session after I knew was misery. I couldn’t breathe, heart raced like crazy, it felt like I couldn’t possibly build a person and do anything mildly physically and stay conscious. I made it through warmups. I hadn’t plan to tell anyone because it was so early…6 weeks.  I managed to complete multiple reps of hip throws. I thought my heart would explode.

After that we had to do live takedowns and I opted out. Giant red flag to my teammates. I LOVE takedowns. My little man syndrome explodes with glee at the thought of doing live takedowns with my teammates. I told my coach I was injured. Watching everyone go round after round killed me. I wanted to cry in disappointment so bad. I was sad sitting out one day, is this really what I had to look forward to the next 8 months. I wanted the seed to be safe, but this is something I’ve loved for 8 years and needed for my mental sanity. I only trained maybe twice until my next doctor appointment because I was afraid that I had over exerted myself too much.

Techniques I could do

shrimps, forward rolls, breakfalls, upas, guard passes, overhead sweeps, standing grip breaks.

Techniques I avoided

takedowns (can’t take any falls)

knee on belly

mount escape that required upa (trying to upa with weight on top of me felt really uncomfortable so I just worked in a group of 3).


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