Pregnancy & BJJ: Weeks 9-12

bumpieI AM SO TIRED, hungry, and nauseous all the time. The nausea is so severe it is keeping me from sleeping…when going to the bathroom 13x isn’t. Building a whole person is exhausting. All my teammates know about the baby. There really was no safe way to train without keeping them in the loop.

Techniques I could do

warm ups:shrimps, forward rolls, breakfalls, upas,

guard passes:x pass, over/under, torreando pass

sweeps: spider guard overhead sweeps,  scissor, sickle, and tripod

submissions: everything (triangles, armbars, chokes, etc.)

takedowns:I can initiate takedown during drills but did not follow my partner down to the mat

Techniques I avoided

takedowns (can’t take any falls)

chokes performed on me

knee on belly


partners resting their hands on my stomach when inside guard (aka I am very aggressively attacking grips from my guard).

I feel better-ish training than the last 4 weeks. I can do so much more than I thought. I went to the dr. after doing takedowns and not knowing what was happening. Everything WAS FINE. I’m still going to be cautious. It feels good to participate in something where I can still be a strong woman. Especially when my current state and the comments of others insinuate that I’m basically helpless and only operating as a vessel for life.

I’ve researched women like serena williams, Emily Breeze, and countless others that were very active during their pregnancies. One thing that rings true in all situations is that as long as this activity is something I was doing pre-pregnancy then it is not a huge shock to the body. I just have to be very mindful about contact. I AM very fortunate to be a brown belt.I haven’t had to make significant changes in my partners because I can still maintain a great deal of control, space, and movement during my rolls. I do believe if I was pregnant and had only trained a year or two that I would have to make significant changes in how I trained.

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