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I have trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2010.  I’m also a Special Education teacher and a Western Kentucky University (Go Toppers!!) alumni. In addition to aspirations of becoming a World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I’m also working on introducing students with special needs to BJJ. I’m extremely fortunate to have a small program at my elementary school and look forward to providing more opportunities for children to experience Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As many of you know I pursued journalism but found that love for teaching surpassed my desire to continue the program.  Nevertheless I’ve had incredible experiences as a journalist including working in Hyderabad, India for the World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers. =


  –my belt promotion gauntlet (above video)

10 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Georgette says:

    Nice to meet you! As a former photojournalist and current BJJ nut, I salute your randomness 🙂 And your love for chocolate with almonds.

  3. shakiaharris says:

    thanks megan!! i’m going to take some of your advice and hope for the best

  4. ken ugbechie says:

    Hi Shakia,

    We met at Hydrabad editors’ forum 2009. I’m one of the Nigerian journalists you interviewed with your colleague Zhou (i guess i got that right). Gone through some of ur writings and i think u are a damn good bard. You say you are ecclectic? O yes, i thought i noticed that too. Ecclectic, energetic with megawatts of brilliance etched all over you. Glad to read you are considering teaching upon graduation… that again tells the real you… i think you will do well here as you come across people with a warm and pleasant persona. Always know that when all else fail, there is always someone who will always offer His shoulder and His embrace…Jesus Christ. wishing you ship loads of joy. And oh that … I wonder as I wander… is sheer poetry. very catchy.ken

  5. shakiaharris says:

    ken!! i can not believe you found me!! i’ve tried searching for you a hundred times on facebook. How have you been?? I miss you and our good times in india! I hope all is well and I would love for us to stay in contact with each other my friend.

  6. Frank says:

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  7. i have never taken any brazilian jiu-jitsu classes…but after stopping by your blog, i want to!
    liking your blog :~))

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