BJJ Competition Achievements

S. Harris_Medals_14 Feb'14_72

IMG_4761bbjo podium smile


  • 2nd – UAEJJ Abu Dhabi Pro Trials (New York, NY): Female Blue Belt
  • 1st- Bluegrass BJJ Open (Louisville, Ky): Female Blue Belt
  • 2nd IBJJF New York Open: Blue belt/Medium heavy
  • 1st** IBJJF Chicago Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Open Weight(my teammate and I closed out the division)
  • 2nd IBJJF Chicago Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Medium Heavy
  • 1st IBJJF Chicago Open: No Gi/Blue belt/Open
  • 3rd IBJJF Chicago Open:No Gi/Blue Belt/ Medium Heavy



  •  2nd IBJJF Atlanta Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Medium Heavy
  • 3rd IBJJF Atlanta Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Open
  • 2nd IBJJF Chicago Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Medium Heavy
  • 3rd IBJJF Chicago Open: Gi/Blue Belt/Open
  • 1st Naga (Nashville, TN): Blue Belt & White Belt Gi/Absolute
  • 1st Naga (Nashville, TN):No Gi/Intermediate/Women’s
  • 1st Grapplers Quest (Columbus, OH):Gi/Blue Belt
  • 1st Grapplers Quest (Columbus, OH):No-Gi/Intermediate/Absolute
  • 2nd Grapplers Quest (Columbus, OH):No Gi/Advanced/Absolute
  • 1st Extreme Grappling Open (Nashville, TN):Gi/Blue Belt/Absolute
  • 1st Extreme Grappling Open (Nashville, TN):No Gi/Intermediate/ Absolute


2011- before

  •  1st Tennessee State BJJ Championships: No Gi/Advanced/Absolute
  • 3rd Tennessee State BJJ Championships: Gi/Blue Belt/Absolute
  • 2nd Extreme Grappling Open (Nashville): Gi/Blue belt/ Absolute
  • 2nd Extreme Grappling Open (Nashville): No Gi/Intermediate
  • 1st Ohio Grappling Challenge (Cincinnati, OH): Gi/White belt/ Absolute
  • 1st Ohio Grappling Challenge (Cincinnati, OH): No Gi/Beginner/ Absolute
  • 2010 Nice Guy Submission Fighting In house Tournament (Owensboro, KY): 1st women’s no gi

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